Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby Name Change...

Well it has been an eternity since I have last been in blogland. I have missed catching up on everyone's pages... getting inspired... etc. I guess God has a funny way of letting you know where you are needed.. or should I say, letting you know where you should be spending your time and over the last few months I haven't felt like it was something I was called to do to keep up in the blogging world. No reason really other than my family has needed even more of me, work got even busier, oh ya and that fact that I'm growing a little miracle in me and getting ready for another little one has taken precedent over most things. I have loved seeing pictures and keeping up a little bit with people on Instagram. I learned just yesterday that Little Miss Momma is naming her little boy on the way Sawyer and I was so excited! My little Sawyer is now 27 months and I have still only heard of his name one other time! So fun.

I'm now 36 weeks along and out of nowhere me and hubby are now second guessing our name choice. Rose is for sure staying as her middle name, but we are now thinking we love the name...

Capri Rose Hawthorne


We have never decided so late in the game to even consider choosing a different name, but we both feel like Zoey just wasn't the right fit. I still love the name Zoey, but every time I went to tell someone her name I found myself saying, "we are pretty sure..." or "I think it's going to be..." And then my hubby was talking about how unsure he was and when we both talked about Capri we just fell in love with it. I don't know a single little girl by this name. I first heard it 5 years ago in the Colbie Caillat song.. I figured for sure the name would gain popularity like crazy and now 5 years later I still have not known one baby Capri!

Anyways, so we are pretty set that this is going to be her name. I suppose we will truly decide when she comes, which could easily only be a few weeks away! I had both Addyson and Sawyer at 38 weeks, so I'm getting ready! 

Here's the song for those that have not heard.. get your tissues ready. Especially if you are carrying a tiny one inside like me. 

So much more to update you all on, but I now I'm off to take Sawyer to his 2 year old well check up!

I'll leave you with a few recent pictures though!

Addy turned 4 on June 1. Sawyer turned 2 back in March and they are just the best of friends. I absolutely love their relationship. They are both beyond excited to meet the new little one.

The biggest thing that gets mentioned now when ever I am out are Sawyer's CURLS!! This kid has some serious curls going on. I can't believe it! He gets it from my mom actually. My hair is wavy, but nothing like his. I honestly can't go anywhere without someone commenting on his hair. And when it's wet, oh gosh, it's like complete ringlets! Addy's hair is getting SUPER long too.. I'm practicing new hairstyles on her.. it's a blast. She won't let us cut her "Rapunzel hair."  She's only had one trim since she was born. Crazy? Maybe. Soon enough we will have to take some off.. or she will be sitting on it. lol.

Hope everyone is well.. Miss you all! I'll have to catch up on all your blogs during late night feedings or something.  Soon enough!