Q. Do you mind if I share your blog or a specific post on Facebook? 

A. I take it as a compliment whenever anyone shares a post of mine. Thank you and yes, feel free to post it on Facebook. ☺

Q. What is the big deal about Facebook? 

A. You can read the post that started this journey and where I have come since there, here & here.

Q. Do you think you will ever get back on Facebook? 

A. I'm not really sure. At this point I am completely content without it and although I use it for my business, I don't have any interest in reactivating my personal account.

Q. What is your religion? 

A. I like to think of it as a personal relationship with my savior, Jesus Christ. The church that I attend and call my home church is non-denominational Christian and bible based. You can read what I believe here.

Q. Do you blog about everything going on in your life? 

A. No. Although those that know me in "real life" know that I am an open book for the most part, I do cherish experiences between my family and friends that don't always need to be shared. You will also notice that I don't blog about being a step-mom all that often. It doesn't have anything to do with my lack of absolute love for my step-son that lives out-of-state. This is due to the sensitivity of the situation and respect for my family and the other family involved. I will always answer personal questions by email with the same respect.

Q. Will you review my product on your blog? 

A. Absolutely. I love supporting small businesses, as I own one myself! Email me so we can chat at: amomwithoutfacebook@gmail.com. I also have a daughter that loves to play dress up and she would love to model your items as well. ☺

Q. I left you a comment and didn't hear back...

A. I'm working on this. I am not the best at responding to all comments, but I do absolutely take the time to respond to emails. I have a slight problem with over-commitment...you can read about that here. lol. So please allow me some grace in this area as I'm working on being better about responding and don't ever hesitate to email me twice if you haven't heard from me. Sometimes I need the extra smack. ;) Another way to get my attention quick is just holler at me on twitter and let me know you emailed me!

Q. Can you give me a little information on your sponsorships? 

A. I'm currently accepting blog swap sponsors at this time. If you are interested to talk more about sponsor swapping, please email me. I'd love to chat with you!

Q. Who designed your blog? 

A. The incredibly talented Danielle of Changing Lanes. She is amazing and please visit her and tell her I sent you. ☺

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