Thursday, January 6, 2011

My attempt at an explanation...

Both of my kids are actually napping at the same time. This rarely happens and when it does I know that the quietness I hear in my home is going to be very short lived. Most days I get so excited that I have this down time that I don't even know what to do with myself first. Laundry? Dishes? Call back a friend? Clean up the playroom? Or maybe actually make myself something to eat? So instead, I just hop on Facebook and see what everyone else is doing. Soon enough the monitor lights are flashing and my time to myself is over. I get so frustrated because the little time I had was now completely wasted. The house looks the same, I still haven't called back my friend, I haven't eaten except for the crust off the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I made for Addyson before her nap and now it's back to being mommy. A full-time job.

This is just one tiny example of what brings me to this blog.

I want to start by saying that no, I do not think Facebook is the devil and by no means am I judging anyone that uses it. In fact, I think it is an absolutely fascinating and amazing social tool and it has done wonders with getting my little "mommy hobby" turned business, Raving Tans, off the ground! I've used Facebook to connect with old friends, network, pray for people, find dogs new homes, ask other moms questions regarding potty training...sleepless nights...and even used Facebook to ask which blog site would be the best for me to begin this journey. I've found it's actually faster for me to post something on Facebook and get all kinds of responses that I trust rather than taking the time to google something! How funny is that?

My issue is completely personal, but I'm hoping maybe some of you out there can relate. I am starting out 2011 as a wife, a mother, a business owner, a disciple of the Lord, a house keeper (hopefully a better cook), a pet owner, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I feel like I am doing all of these things just okay. Well, good has always been the enemy of the best. I know that I want to strive to be better at all of these things and doing so means eliminating time wasters. Since I do not watch any T.V. programs my biggest time waster without a doubt is Facebook. I actually listened to a sermon online and the pastor stated that there are statistics out there showing that the demographic that uses Facebook the most to date is young moms. Oh how it struck me! I am one of them!

I am now publicly challenging myself to 365 days without a personal Facebook page. I will be keeping my business page up to keep my networking going, but that is it. I know this will be hard at first, but I think it will be very freeing as well. I will miss seeing what is going on with everyone and all the pictures of the adorable kids... but hey, that just means we actually have to get together for play dates and TALK in person! How exciting! I laugh at myself because sometimes I feel like I don't even need to get together with someone because I know everything that is going on with them already. I honestly am SO excited to actually get back being personal with people! I have a feeling that this 365 day challenge will turn into life without a Facebook page and I'm totally okay with that.

Some of you may say, well isn't blogging going to be just as much of a time waster? Certainly not. Sitting down to write an excerpt is far different than brainlessly scrolling through my Facebook app on my iPhone all throughout the day or getting online during naptime and reading through the morning's newsfeed. I've been known to scroll through Facebook at stop lights, in the Starbucks drive-thru, even while my kids are both playing together. Please someone tell me I'm not the only crazy person that has done this! lol. That is what HAS to stop. This will be a way for me to document milestones in my kids' lives and moments with our family and someone even told me it can be published into a book! Blogging will be so much different. Of course this is strictly my opinion and that's what blogging is all about.

I just want to thank the Lord for using my two sisters for actually stirring this revelation in me. They were the perfect tools to minister to me. It's funny and humbling that as the oldest of the three of us that I am learning such an incredible lesson through them.

I hope you all will enjoy reading my journey. I used to be a sports writer before motherhood hit, but it has been a while. So I apologize now for grammar mistakes and incomplete sentences. Writing from my heart is much different than recapping a high school football game.

So here goes.. I'm going to post this blog on Facebook as a way of telling my friends and family what I have decided to do, and starting January 7, 2011 I will be deactivating my personal Facebook page for 365 days... I can't wait to see how my life is about to change...

I thank each of you reading this and hope that in some way my little journey may be an inspiration to you to think about your own personal time wasters.♥


  1. Love how quickly you jumped on it! I think you won't regret this challenge and it won't be challenging soon when you realize how much more personal your relationships are and the fruit that will come from making good changes. What did we do before facebook? Good explanation as to why you're deactivating it! :)

  2. I've been contemplating the same thing! I like your reasons and totally agree. Let's try to get together for a playdate next week.

  3. So happy people are realizing how addicting social networking can be and in a world of technology we need to evaluate our relationships with our devices vs. People.

    I know I have been guilty of this and recently have been doing some research on social network and today's fast technology addictions. It's ironic how our devices and networks are controlling us. One documentary "MacHeads" describes the crazed addiction and power apple has had since the introduction of "iapple" People are obsessed with the latest devices Steve Jobs introduces each year, so much that people are willing to camp outside Apple's building for days before the release of a Macbook or iphone. One man compared a PC crashing being a good thing because unlike a Mac that rarely freezes and shuts down, during the re-boot of his PC he can actually take a break from the device to "eat, make a phone call, look out the window and think, someday I will go outside."

    I for one had made a decision not go on Facebook online. It's been sometime since I've actually seen facebook on the world wide web, and now find myself rarely checking or even updating on the site. It definitely has proven to be liberating. Instead of posting on their wall "I miss you" I text or call my friends to see how they are and if they want to hang out. I don't expect everyone to delete their Facebook, but I would strongly encourage people to consider their time and where they invest it the most. Thank you for being one more inspiration that is willing to share and invest their time outside a social network <3

  4. Heahter,

    I admire you for your venture and think that many of us, including myself, could benefit in all aspects of my life with this simple task. In many ways you are not deactivating a thing.. you are re-activating or re-engaging life. It's a beautiful thing. I felt inspired and wrote a little on my blog.. :) Can't wait to see where this takes you.. I will be right behind you!

  5. I think this is awesome Heather and oh so true!! Can't wait to read your blogs! I need to do some of this in my life!!

  6. Good for you Heather! You are definitely not the only woman out there who has wasted so much time on this very addicting site. You have sparked something in me as well, and I think that I would definitely be a more productive person, wife, mother-to-be, daughter, sister and friend if Facebook was limited more.

    I just might be joining the bandwagon...

    Can't wait to check in with your blog!

  7. I really love this, Heather. You have inspired me to do the same. I decided to give up facebook for 3 months, starting Jan 3rd... but after reading your blog, I'm wondering if starting my own blog will be a better way to track Colton's milestones and to also eliminate my biggest time waster- facebook!

    Thank you! And I will definitely be checking in from time to time to catch up on your blog!

  8. I love it Heather. I think I need to be that honest with myself...and I am considering doing the same. =)

  9. This is a really cool blog! I actually took up Facebook fasting myself. I started in December last year (2010) and haven't looked back! Best of wishes to you! I'm sure that God will open your eyes to many new and exciting things!

    God bless!


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