Friday, January 14, 2011

Top 10 Reasons I Do Not Miss FB

For some reason this list was much easier to make. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I will revisit this list in 6 months and see if anything has changed. This is my personal list and I don't mind if you share it. ☺

Top 10 (oops I couldn't narrow it down from 15) reasons I do not miss being on Facebook

15. Remember me "checking in" at the never-ending laundry piles at the Hawthorne household? They are now done and we officially have our office back.

14. No one knew if I had my coffee, who I had my play dates with, or anything else I was doing unless they asked me or wanted to go read my blog and I like it that way.

13. I did not feel like a "creeper" at any point in the past week. By creeper I mean checking someone's page just to see what they had been doing. Different from going to someone's page and posting a comment because I missed them or something.

12. By blogging, I'm now writing again which is something I love and I have not done in almost 4 years.

11. I did not get invited to an event along with 400 other people. Yes, I was guilty of doing this too. ☺

10. I did not have to "hide" any of my "friends" this week because of someone posting pictures or status updates I felt were inappropriate.

9. I did not start my day feeling scatterbrained due to the newsfeed playing over in my head.

8. I made an effort to text and check in with people because I didn't already know what they were doing via Facebook.

7. I did not have play dates, family dinner, or any other engagement interrupted due to notifications on my phone from Facebook. (yes, I'm aware you can shut these off.. I just never wanted to.)

6. I did not read any posts and instantly become saddened, frustrated, jealous or wonder WHY would someone post that?! Therefore, I was not judgmental.

5. My conversations did not begin with "Did you see what I posted on Facebook?"

4. I made dinner three times this week and that was three more times than last week. ☺

3. I had a desire to open my Bible this week.

2. When I got together with friends we actually had stories to tell each other that I had not already read about on Facebook.

1. I now have a significant amount of free time in my day in which I have now chosen to be productive with.

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