Monday, January 10, 2011

Natural High

Last week I was so frustrated in my attempt at potty training my 2 1/2 year old daughter, Addyson, that I posted on Facebook and quickly got many responses including a friend of mine that offered to loan me a book to read to help me. She had potty trained both her boys with this method and it had worked amazing for her. Desperate, I sent her a message on Facebook and told her to text me to give me her address and I would come by and get the book from her. The next morning she called me. We chatted for a few moments and then decided on a time I would come by. I thanked her so much and told her to text me her address and I'd look it up. The next thing she told me was, well actually, I don't have texts. I think she probably knew what I was thinking by the silence on the other end of the phone. (I was the silent one.) lol. I think after a long pause, from me picking my chin up off the ground, I said to her, "are you serious?! How do you not have texts!?" She explained to me how she didn't have them anymore and how she just calls people now. I still was so puzzled by this that I think I asked her a few more questions about it. I seriously had not met someone under the age of 60 (and I know plenty of people over 60 that do text) that did not use text messaging! I told her it was the only way I could communicate most of the day.. how hard it was for me to talk on the phone when the kids were awake... etc. She completely agreed and even told me that she had some relationships that ended due to the fact that she did not text anymore. The funny part was, every time I called her she actually picked up her phone and what probably would have taken about 20 texts we got accomplished in about two minutes of talking. Little did she know she was teaching me a lesson that day. I, like her, realize that I am probably one of the few people today that do not have a Facebook and, like her, I fully expect that I will probably lose touch with some people because the fact that I am not on Facebook will be more of a hassle to them. I would send her a text right now to let her know I was writing about her, but I guess I'll just have to give her a call tomorrow. ☺

So far, I don't think any relationships have ended since I jumped the Facebook ship. I know that plenty will though, especially since I lost all my contacts in my phone after a mishap just a few weeks ago. Ironic. But not to dwell on that.. In fact on the positive side, I've actually already planned two play dates with good friends of mine, both of which I haven't seen in probably close to six months, maybe longer. One of these two is actually a friend I've had for almost eight years and she has never been on Facebook. She was one of the first people I texted when I made my decision. I knew she would back me up. Her response: I am proud of u!! People should keep in touch with their true friends, not 700 so-called friends on the computer! :) We then made plans to get together and I was annoyed with myself that it took that long. Why did it take that long for me to make plans with someone I really consider to be a good friend? Uggh. Was it because she wasn't constantly on my mind... because I never saw her on Facebook? I know I can't fully blame my disconnect from her on Facebook, but I think it's interesting that she was the first person I thought of.

The other friend that I made plans with, to be honest I can't remember the exact last time we saw each other. I don't think we have ever made plans to just have a play date. She texted me and wrote something that I felt to be profound. Her text read: Sorry it's late, but I just read your facebook post and blog. Keep in touch and we will for sure have to get together sometime. You can make it a year without facebook. Sometimes I don't even go on for a month. To tell you the truth facebook makes me think my life sucks. Sometimes I go on and see how great everyone is doing and my life is just the same all the time. Anyway, I love what you have decided. Keep in touch!!  Hmmm.. interesting isn't it? I had never really thought about Facebook the way that she did. I read her text over to myself. Wow, I never would have even known that she felt that way about it. But I could understand. I'm sure she is not the only one that doesn't feel encouraged every time she logs in.

Anyways, I'm not going to start Facebook bashing. That's not my intent, but I think that looking at a subject and playing the devil's advocate can be extremely eye opening at times and makes for good conversation.

Eliminating Facebook so far has given me a calm mind, more concentrated time with my husband and kids, more free time which has meant almost having more clean laundry than dirty. Notifications don't ring on my phone throughout the day or interrupt family dinner. I even came home from a play date today and put the kids down for a nap and you know what I did? I made myself lemon, garlic and butter shrimp pasta! I then proceeded to clean up the kitchen, call a good friend and go through the mail all before one of them woke up. Giving up Facebook has even gotten me back into reading the word. I was trying to find a good study to start and had been praying for desire to get back into reading the Bible and it sounds so silly, but my fascination with what the Bible has to say on the subject of communication has become that study right now.

I'm fairly certain I'm still on that natural high after you experience something amazing. Yes, so far giving up Facebook for me has proved to be something amazing, and I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. How do I explain it.. Okay, so it's kind of like that feeling after you leave the gym and had an awesome work out...(speaking of which, I really need to do that) or an extreme example of this natural high would be that first week after giving birth. I remember after having my babies that for the first week I was so in awe and thrilled over the new addition that I didn't even believe that the lack of sleep would effect me at all. Well, by week two it hit me and it hit me hard. I was exhausted! I know this point is going to come and I'll probably ask myself why did I even do this? I'll tell myself.. I wasn't THAT addicted to it... I could have easily just cut back... Facebook made it so much easier... and when I start questioning myself I hope someone out there will smack me and say go back and read your own blog lady! Any volunteers? ♥

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  1. Hi Heather! Proud of you for doing this and keeping the blog. Just wanted to let you know you now know 2 people who don't text. Joel and I don't have texting either!


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