Friday, December 2, 2011

Instagram Friday {7 weeks preggo}

When you are 7 weeks preggo and the nausea is in full effect you start taking pictures of things like your burnt toast, Sprite and Gingersnaps...

With a little fun Christmas light decor thrown in of course. 

And for those that have popped out more than one little love, do you seriously start showing at 6 weeks!? The baby is only the size of a blueberry! But I have a bump!! 

Okay...back to the saltines and Sprite. I kinda want to punch saltines in the face right now, but we have a lot of time left together, so I better be nice to them. 

Here goes...

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  1. Look at your little belly! :) so cute, and I love your blog, who designed it??

  2. YOU are gorgeous!. LOVE you!!! i think with you're third you can look pregnant early!. I wish I looked like you every day!!!!

  3. With each pregnancy, you show sooner and sooner because you body (unfortunately) remembers all that expanding tummy stuff. With my third, I looked full term by the time I was 20 weeks, so when people would ask when I was due I'd say "Ohhhh, another four months" I'd get the craziest looks!

    You, however, look GREAT! Totally jealous over here!

  4. oh my goodness! Where do you live?? I would kill for the view from my roof!!! Love all your christmas lights too!

  5. Congrats! my hubbie and I were just discussing when we would try for another. Our daughter Milo is almost 1. I'm also so glad I found your blog....

  6. Aw a bump! The sweetest and most gorgeous bump!! :) The house looks amazing..way to go hubs!! Hope you have a great rest of the weekend lovely friend!

  7. What a cute little bump! I remember how naive I was with #1 because I didn't even tell my work i was pregnant until I was 5.5 months since I wasn't showing. Then #2 happened and I was showing at 12 weeks! Whenever #3 comes along I'm sure I'll be showing at 6 weeks! lol

    Love the Christmas lights! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I just LOVE this blog! You have encouraged me and uplifted me with your sweetness! Your love and adoration for the Lord is beautiful! You are beautiful! And I look forward to following your life!

  9. I LOVE Gingersnaps! And cheese... haha but that's another story. ;)

  10. Girl, that is the cutest little showing baby bump ever! I wish my non-pregnant self had a belly that flat! :) You look wonderful!!

    Congratulations, by the way. Baby number three! I thought I would have three kids and ended up with twins in my last pregnancy. Maybe that's why you are showing so quickly. ;) Wouldn't that be awesome?

  11. Heather!!! I started showing with my third at FIVE weeks...there was no hiding it! The doc said after you've had a couple of babes, your body knows what to do and reacts sooner! Your little (and I mean, VERY LITTLE) baby bump is too stinking cute!! CONGRATS, girl! HUGS!!


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