Friday, July 29, 2011

Toddler's Fracture = Cuddle Time

If this is what happens at 16 months, oh Lord, what am I in for! lol.

A week ago tomorrow my baby boy suffered what is known as a Toddler's Fracture. What is that exactly? Well, it's a fracture of the tibia in toddler's ages 9 months to 3 years. It's most commonly in the area around the shin bone and is the result of a low-energy trauma. This is precisely what happened a week ago. Sawyer was at a BBQ with daddy and sister and I happened to be working a tanning party at the time. My husband texted me when my baby tripped and fell while chasing his sister in the kitchen and wouldn't stop crying for 40 minutes. Instantly I knew something was off. I told him I was coming home, so I packed up my party and headed out before finishing a couple girls' tans. They were mommies themselves, and totally understood my circumstances. I was more fearful because I have come to find that my boy is quite tough. Maybe all parents say that, I'm not entirely sure. lol. But I do know that I've seen him have some awful spills and usually the tears are gone within a moment or two. 40 minutes... now that was different.

By the time I got home my husband was now realizing Sawyer was refusing to walk or crawl or even stand. I stood him up and he picked up his left leg and wouldn't bare any weight on it. It was incredibly sad and this confirmed in my mind that there was more of an injury than we were hoping for. We put him to bed with some motrin and his favorite doggy blankie and when he woke up crying in the morning and couldn't even stand in his crib I was on my phone figuring out what was the best urgent care to get him into and we were off.

We got to the urgent care and were seen very quickly. The doctor felt his leg, which I must add was not swollen whatsoever. To the eye his leg looked completely normal, it was his reaction that diagnosed his injury and the doc whisked us away to the x-ray tech. Oh my..what a process that was..let me tell you it is not a fun task to hold your screaming baby down with every bit of your strength while they snap a few shots. I was praying the shots came out okay, because that was not mine or Sawyer's idea of a good time. Thankfully they did. Grandma and grandpa met me there while daddy stayed home with sister. Grandpa was snapping pictures (we had to document it!) and grandma brought crackers and a couple toy trucks for the tiny patient. The results of the x-rays were in quick and a fracture of his left tibia was the explanation. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to cry watching the nurse splint his tiny leg. He clung to me like never before and wouldn't even let anyone else hold him for even a minute. Seeing that little face look into mine for comfort is such an amazing feeling, I must say. The staff sent us on our way and told us we needed to see an orthopedic specialist to cast him and determine length of recovery, etc. Our appointment is on Monday and we will be heading to Children's Hospital for the procedure. has been quite an adjustment this past week. My poor little man went from running everywhere to not being able to walk, crawl or even stand! It's pretty tough explaining to a 16 month old why they are now immobile and that you honestly don't know how long they are going to be immobile for. Times of frustration have set in which I completely understand. I feel so helpless at times and right now my only goal is to keep him entertained and comfortable. I must say though, he is being quite the trooper.

The best part about my having a little crippled patient for the time being is all the cuddle time... I'm really loving it. We will play in the morning and then before nap we just flop together. It's crazy to see my little boy sit still. I haven't seen him sit still since he started crawling at 8 months. I'm sure many of you mothers can understand what I mean. I've taught him more words and have noticed more of the little things that maybe sometimes I miss when I'm juggling other things around the house as well. His big sister has been amazingly supportive and helpful, and to be honest, I think she is kind of enjoying the break from him stealing her toys... yet I know at the same time she is anxious for her "brother boy" to be all better. ☺

My new obsession. :)
I'm waiting to see how long he will be wearing a cast for... Monday I will have much more information. We are getting very creative at home trying to find things to do.. many more movies than I ever usually would put on, but I must say this is one of those excusable circumstances. Right? :) I've had some awesome friends let me borrow a cast cover for the bath and another friend let me borrow her AMAZING stroller that is like a recliner ride for Sawyer so that I can get out on walks during the day to break up the time. Just a little sidenote, this stroller is called a Bumbleride and I'm officially obsessed! I want one! I have never had a jogging stroller and I can literally push both my kids in this stroller with my pinky fingers if I wanted! It glides that easy... I am currently stalking Craigslist because they are so darn expensive.. $700 retail... much like the B.O.B. But anyways, I've been so grateful! Another friend, and owner of a beauty salon I work from often, even got Sawyer the cutest book called Elmo Goes To The Doctor and it comes with a little thermometer, shot, and that thing you knock on your knee. I have no idea what it's called. lol. Anyways, the book is adorable and has already been some good entertainment for my little man. So awesome...
Elmo Goes To The Doctor!

So although we have a bit of journey ahead of us, we are hanging in there and I have a feeling when he is up and running around it might be a while before I get cuddle time like this again. So I'm going to soak it up in the meantime. ♥


  1. I am glad to know you and I am sorry for your son.....hope everything is fine now and he can walk by himself.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about cutie pie Sawyer! You are such a great mama! I would love the extra snuggle time too, but that's about all the good in such a situation. As soon as he is better, I think it's about time I make a trip to your house and have a play date! Our boys sound like two peas from the same pod! haha By the funny, I'm not 5 months prego so we upgraded our single Bob to the double Bob stroller...and it's my new obsession!! You should definitely check out ebay as well as craigslist! That's where we got our Bob! Hope the little guy heals super quick! xoxo


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