Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Warrior Update

I've been running around all weekend and checking in with Levi's blog on my iPhone as often as possible. I am absolutely THRILLED to let you all know that little Levi made it through surgery and is recovering well.

Here is an excerpt from Levi's father, Dan, from the most recent blog post.

The doctor did comment on the miracle of Levi's surgery and recovery progress stating that whatever praying that we have going on to continue it because he is seeing that something bigger is at work in all this. Bless the many who have lifted Levi up in prayer and those who continue to do so. We have only completed one leg of this journey. 

I will leave you on that note, and encourage you to keep praying for little Levi and checking in on his blog as well. I'll be posting again soon... I have to share about my daughter's first experience modeling for a kids clothing designer out of Orange County... Here is just one picture to tease you with! LOL. Too funny. I'm not sure we will be taking this route with her, but it was a fun day. I'll fill ya in soon...

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