Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Mommy Wardrobe

I'm leaving for Vegas in a few short hours. I have not yet packed, I'm sipping on coffee and now taking the time to post just to delay the inevitable... looking at my wardrobe. ☺

Backing up a tad, I have been away from my babies 3 times since Addyson was born. My husband and I go each year back to the resort we stayed at the night we got married and we celebrate our anniversary, so that was two over-nights and the only other over-night I've had was for my sister's bachelorette party when we went to Lake Havasu. Well, now I'm delighted to say that it's my baby sister that is getting married in a few weeks so this is her bachelorette "party" if you will. I miss my babies already, but this is going to be good for me. Three days and two nights in Vegas to party, party, party!! If you know me, that sounds so funny even coming out of my mouth and you would know that I'm totally being sarcastic. Don't get me wrong, I love a good glass of wine or two or a grand margarita, but I can't say I even know what it means to "party, party, party" anymore. To be honest, I haven't even been to Vegas since I've been 21! Am I the only washed up, old lady at 28 out there?! lol.

Anyways, we decided for my last sister's bachelorette to go to Vegas just us three sisters. My other sister got married 2 years ago and I have now been married 4 and 1/2. We are going for the pools, spa day, to see a show, and to just be together as sisters because this is probably the last time that all 3 of us will NOT be pregnant at the same time, for a very long time. Bring on the cousins!! LOL.

Back to the reason for my current delaying of the process... my wardrobe. I seriously have no idea what to bring or wear in Vegas. 110 degrees and I've got a wardrobe full of yoga pants and those V-neck t-shirts from Target with the pocket on them. I know you know the ones. I have this shirt, in no joke, about 8-10 colors. I wear them ALL the time. I'm posting this pic of them and I'm only putting up 4 colors to save myself the embarrassment of how many I actually have. Plus, half of them are in the dirty laundry pile. lol. I seriously need someone to kid nap me and give me a wardrobe make-over!! Ugh. Any takers?! Please help.. and I'll blog all about it! LOL.

Anyways, I own 1 pair of shorts, and they are actually the kind that go to mid-thigh, and a few target dresses. I use to love wearing little skirts from Abercrombie and such, but now I look at them and wonder how my dad ever let me out of the house. Oh, wait, because I was living on my own. How did I let myself out of the house!? They are so tiny! Thankfully my 5'1 frame {on a good day} means I don't have my daughter's long legs so even small items don't look as short on me, but still, I'm in this awkward phase of what the heck to wear as a young mommy. I see some mommy's looking so darn cute and I just don't get it! I spend the time getting my kids ready, doing Addy's hair and then usually I'm running late and just have to throw myself together and that means yoga pants and V-neck. How do you all do it?! I'm worried I'm going to walk around the corner one of these days and see Stacy London and Clinton Kelly starting me in the face and I'll be the latest episode on What Not To Wear.

Alright, I'm looking at the time and realizing I am going to be in trouble here if I don't stop procrastinating, so I'll have to update you all when I am back in a few days and I'll be sure to post a few pictures of the out-fits I actually put together for this weekend away. Wish me luck, I certainly need it. ♥


  1. Agh you are so cute! You will look FAB in whatever you choose! I brought just a couple of cute dresses from H&M and a pair of cute shoes. And it is so dang dark in those places no one will get to see your outfit anyways! Have fun momma!! XOXO!!

  2. I love this! Heather you are hilarious. You had me laughing uncontrollably with this post. I can totally relate. I haven't been to Vegas since I was 21 and I'll be turning 30 this year. lol. Can't wait to hear about your getaway. What a great thing for you and your sisters to do!


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