Friday, January 13, 2012

Instagram Friday. {Recent happenings!}

It's been a while since I joined the Instagram Friday fun so here I am! 

I had my second baby appointment yesterday and like last time, the whole tribe came with. I didn't know I was going to get lucky enough to get another ultra sound and was so excited!! Addy was showing everyone the pictures of "her baby." 

Other random happenings around here that I need to blog about are that Addyson started preschool! Where is the time going?! We are only doing two half days a week, but I still can't believe it. She is loving it so far. I held up the entire morning and it wasn't until that evening of her first day and she was sitting with me on my bed and I just started crying. I couldn't believe 3 years ago I was on the beach with my little 7 month old. Oh the tears!!!

Sawyer had a visit to the doc this week just for a late 18 month check up. I absolutely died when the docs told me that he was 36 3/4 inches long at 21 months. Completely off the charts for his age range. They told me he was average height for a 32 month old! It's so funny to me that both my kids don't have a speck of their momma's height genes. They are going to pass me up before they are 5. Sheesh. 

Addy showing Sawyer the 13 week baby pics!

 Sawyer "washing daddy's hair." lol.

 Me and my baby girl, January 3 years ago. 

 Warm day in January meant water time fun!

 Daddy is always more fun. lol. 

 Sawyer's idea of picking me flowers. ♥

 Sawyer's 21 month check up! Big boy! 

 Addyson's 1st day of preschool.


  1. The kids are soooo adorable! :)
    and yay for another ultrasound!
    are you going to find out the gender with this babe?

  2. Loving your pictures!!! My little man is 20 months and his height is also off the charts LOL, your kiddies are adorable.

  3. My youngest is off the charts too. Love the photos and I'm so glad you got another!

  4. Oh my GOSH your kids are so cute!! Can we see ultrasound pictures? :) Hooray for good checkups!

  5. My kids are opposite.... they are teeny tiny like me. I was hoping they would get some of their dad's height genes. :)

  6. What a busy week! Aw I love how Addyson is showing off the baby sonogram picture! Too sweet :) How cute is she on her first day of preschool! :)

  7. cuties! Ugh First day of preschool, bittersweet. just wait until first day of kindergarten (tears) i followed mine on to the bus with the video camera (good thing they still love their mammas at that age and aren't embarassed). They get big so fast. Enjoy it. Praise God for good ultrasound visits!

  8. These are two of the cutest darlings ever!!! I love the beach pictures from 3 years ago, they are absolutely adorable. So is Sawyer washing his dad's hair! CUTE! I am s u p e r excited to be your newest follower!
    Biggest love,
    Victoria from Unlock Your World

  9. I love instagram, some of my favorite shots are from it...the kids are soo cute!!!

  10. Yay! Love the picture shares! The kids are so adorable, growing up so fast!

  11. Your family is adorable! I am your newest follower! You can visit me at for whole food recipes! Thanks! Shay

  12. Aww. Love the pictures! And yay for ultrasounds! :)

  13. You have such a lovely family! Cute blog new follower here ;)


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