Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome Home Simon!

 I'm writing today with such a happy heart! 

If you have been following the story of little Simon, well, God has answered prayers... 

Simon is HOME! 

If you haven't followed the story, you can check out the last two posts I have done. 

Simon's mommy, Rena, is a friend of mine and we know her family through our auto shop and my spray tanning business! She is an amazing woman of God. Prayers for this family have been coming in for the last month from all over the country and beyond after 17 month old Simon slipped after taking a bath, suffered a severe brain injury, including emergency surgery at Children's Hospital San Diego.

He was just released yesterday to go home. Absolutely amazing progress only described as miraculous. He was doing so great in therapy and the doctors went ahead with the bone flap surgery at the end of last week. The surgery went perfect. Not even 4 weeks after having his first brain surgery, this little trooper is on the mend and home with mommy, daddy, and big brother, Liam {3}.

The poor family has had a tough go, with all of them suffering the horrible stomach flu that has gone through most of San Diego county. Simon most recently got the flu which kept him in the hospital a few days longer.

Like I did in my previous post, I'm going to post some updates right from Rena's {mommy of Simon} Facebook page in order to give you the best, most accurate information!

I can't thank you all enough that have been praying for this little dude... Now they are just asking for prayers as they make the transition home. I melt seeing this smiling face... God is so good.

♥     ♥     ♥

Excerpts from  Rena, Simon's mommy {newest to old}:
The doctor signed the papers for us to be discharged today. Please pray for us as we return to normal and yet are still fighting this yucky stomach bug. Pray that we are not fearful of Simon walking around and that his brother can learn to be gentle with him for a time. Thank the Lord!!!!

They are taking Simon's IV out and they said if he shows that he is eating and drinking, we can be discharged by 4pm today. Unfortunately, he is refusing to eat or drink anything. PLEASE PRAY that he gets an appetite and starts eating and that Jesse has patience with him as Simon is pretty grumpy.

Simon seems to be doing better today, but is refusing to eat anything. Please pray that he gets his appetite back tonight and eats/drinks, so that we are approved to go home tomorrow morning. We want to bring him home sooooo badly. It is true though that God does not give us more than we can handle and we are hanging in there and so thankful to be fighting this flu because it means that Simon is alive and able to fight. Praise Him!!!!

Going back to rehab. One step closer to home. :)

Surgery was perfect and he is already extubated. He is on his way to intensive care to recover overnight. Please pray for him as he is sick and his immunities are down. So thankful for everyone at Rady's and their amazing work.

Simon is going in for surgery this morning to get his bone flap put back in. He has been sick with what I have, so please pray that he is able to heal and it doesn't affect his recovery. He will go to intensive care to recover and won't be able to move around. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors & nurses, patience and peace for Jesse & I and strength for Simon to get through this.

♥      ♥      ♥

Lastly, I'm sure some of you have been curious to know how it has been being back on Facebook. I went the full 365 days without it and then just started adding back some of my friends and family.

I've loved catching up with some old friends, finding out about some engagements, babies on the way, etc. 

I've only added back a little over 100 friends and family at this point and I love it. 

I don't think I'll ever go back to having 900 "friends."

I see the people I truly want to be in touch with in my newsfeed. It's awesome.

I did remove notifications from my phone.

But like I had mentioned in my Facebook aha! Moment, it is not something that consumes me anymore. I truly did deal with the root of my problem, my lack of self control, and it has given me a completely different outlook. 

God is good.

Facebook is fun again.

And a belly pic to end on....  ☺



  1. The only words I can Muster out is "GOD IS GOOD"! ALWAYS! Thank you for posting on his update I deff had Simon in my prayers!

  2. I had been wondering about him. So glad to hear that he is home!

  3. I was going to email you TONIGHT about Simon! Emme asks me all the time how he is doing since we pray for him every night! Can not wait to tell her the good news and teach her a little lesson on how amazing our God is in answering our prayers!! So happy for him ans his fam! God is good!! (And you look adorable momma!!) XOXO!!

  4. What great news!!

    You look great!!!

  5. I am so glad you posted an update. What a miracle. God is good! Your bump could not be any cuter!

  6. Thank you for the update! Despite everything, look at the joy on his sweet little face! God is so good!

    Yay! Look at that sweet little baby bump momma!

  7. God is good! You can look in that little guys eyes and know he was meant for great things.

  8. Prayers work!! So glad Simon is home safe, he looks like a happy little boy! Thanks for sharing with us Heather!

  9. Aww bless him, he looks like such a happy chappy :)

  10. Loving that belly shot! And yay Simon is home!! God is good!

    The Foley Fam Blog

  11. I just found your blog & read the story about Simon, I am glad he is home, prayers for him and his family. Cute belly shot! I am a new follower && can't wait to read more! =]

  12. Wonderful news that Simon was able to come home! My little guy broke his femur a week ago and is in a body cast. There is nothing scarier than having your child in danger, but God is so good and truly an ever present help in trouble.

  13. Oh PRAISE GOD! SO glad I saw this today! Yay little Simon, may God continue doing a good work! And um, your 14 week belly....SO CUTE! I'm 10 weeks and do not look nearly as good as you ;) you're too cute!

  14. praise jesus that he is home!!! whoohooo!!!

    and you look adorable!!! love ya!!!

  15. =) just found this blog this morning. just had to say. i love your blog title. thats great!! and just saw you went 365 days without it.. wow. the longest i have went is about 2-3 weeks.. good for you =) i admire that. honestly! look forward to reading more...

  16. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!

  17. Hey Heather! I'm a new follower -- I found your blog from your ad space on Finding Beauty in the Ordinary's blog! I am so glad that Simon is home, just read the story! God is great!! I look forward to getting to know you more through your blog!

    Have a fabulous day!!

  18. Man this seriously had me in tears. God is so incredibly good. I haven't stopped by in a LONG while so I stalked I mean caught up on your life and this blog for a good hour. Congrats on the new pregnancy and so looking forward to keeping in touch this time for good. Oh man so grateful for God's mighty hand in healing this sweet precious baby boy!


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