Thursday, January 5, 2012

Prayer for Simon Update

I have a bit of an update since my last post on little Simon's condition. 

The family has set up a page on Facebook to receive updates and to pray for the family. You can check that page out here

For those that missed my last post, a friend's son, Simon {17 months old} slipped after he got out of the bath hitting his head on the floor. After showing signs of a concussion, he was taken to urgent care. He threw up while in the care of the doctors at urgent care so was sent to the hospital for a CT scan. Scan showed massive bleeding and he was immediately life flighted to Children's Hospital San Diego for surgery to stop the bleeding. The fall cracked one of the cranial bones and cut an artery that ran beneath it. 

The surgery had a miraculous outcome and a further CT scan showed no additional bleeding, but as Simon woke up he showed signs of weakness in his right side and the Neurosurgeon restudied the CT scan and identified a small portion of the brain that was damaged that particularly controls movement. 

To give you all a quick overview of what has taken place in just the last few days, I will post excerpts from Rena, mommy of Simon, from this page. Oldest to most recent.

♥     ♥     ♥

Simon is still stable. He had a good rest last night. They are hoping to do an MRI today to check if he may have brain damge caused from a stroke. His neurologist looked at his latest CT scan and has some concerns. Please pray for these results and pray that they can extubate him. 

So the PIC line will not be put in until tomorrow at which point they should extubate him. He is slightly awake, but still pretty groggy. Pray for Simon as he is becoming more conscious to not be too scared and to somehow understand what is going on. Also pray that he is able to rest still to fully heal. He is such a strong, spunky little person. Pray for Jesse and I still to have patience as it is killing us not to hold him. Oh, and we are so thankful to have finally gotten a room at the Ronald MacDonald house, so we now have a place for Liam to stay with us.

Human Tribe Project was recommended as a means to raise money for Simon. We have started a "Tribe" for Simon. If anyone feels led to give monitarily, this is how you can give directly to his recovery. All the proceeds are given to the Frey Family. All you have to do is go to and our "tribe" is Simon Frey. You do have to register as a user before donating. It makes you a "member" of the Praying For Simon Frey tribe. Thank you for those that have taken the time to look at this site and give. Check out the site here.  

The PIC line is and the tube is out. He is wheezy, but they are happy it's a step forward. He will be assessed tomorrow for speech (helps determine his eating), physical therapy, and those types of things. Keep praying this sweet boy well. And pray that as Simon makes progress and Rena and Jesse are needed more, that the transition is smooth and stable with Liam. 

Simon has been moved to a crib-like bed, as seen below. His breathing is still labored, which is to be expected. When he's awake, he is trying to be active and that pleases the doctors.

I've been worried about Simon's personality, since we haven't seen him smile, that it won't return the same and Jesse reminded me to post a prayer request/new Facebook status, since there are so many diligent prayer warriors out there praying for Simon. Pray his personality returns and that he will also heal quickly in therapy and be able to sit on his own, etc. It's draining to try to be strong for so long and it definitely ways on me at times, but I'm trying so hard to let my faith be stronger than my fear. 

God is so good! I rushed over to Simon's room this morning and he woke up and called for me and then when I set my phone down next to him, he immediately grabbed it and held it up to push the buttons. I asked for it back and he said, "no"! He also SMILED at me!!!! It is so good to see him getting back to himself. God truly listens to our prayers and even our tiny concerns. Jesse and I are starting to think that he's super bored laying in his bed, so we turned on Elmo and he was stoked. :) 

Simon's left eye is getting stronger. He's beginning to look like his old self again. He turns 17 months old today. "Hard to believe that all of this happened only one week ago. I feel like I've aged 5 years."- Rena

♥    ♥     ♥

Please keep up the prayers for little Simon... he has a long road ahead, but there is so much hope! 

God is good! 


  1. oh my I am literally wiping tears from my eyes! I cant even begin to imagine seeing your child with a scar on his little head! God is good and he will bring little Simon out from this one stronger than ever!!

  2. Thank you so much for updating. I have been praying and thinking of him.

  3. I keep praying for sweet Simon. Thanks for the update.

  4. Heather I have been thinking about Simon since you posted, I am lifting him up. Blessings and strength!

  5. Keeping little Simon in our family prayers!! God bless you and your family too I've enjoyed reading your blog!

  6. We have been praying like crazy over here for sweet Simon. I balled my eyes out reading his post. God is so good and He can work miracles!! Blessings beyond!!!

  7. absolutely breaks my heart! have been praying for him and sharing his story - getting a string prayer chain going. thank you for the update.

  8. Thanks for the update on Simon. I don't know them but I'm keeping them in my prayers. I liked their fb page so now I can get updates there. My son is proof that God still does miracles and I'm praying the same for Simon!

  9. oh my goodness, my eyes watered up after reading this. How unfortunate. My thoughts are with your friends and their little boy.

  10. This breaks my heart. It hits close to home, as this week our son fell, hit his head on the shower ledge and cut his head open. Luckily left the hospital with just 3 stitches.
    My thoughts and prayers will be with Simon and his family. I hope for a full recovery.

  11. What a touching story, he is definiately in my prayers.

    Glad I stumbled upon your cute blog!

  12. I just came across your blog and I ADORE it! I will be praying! New follower!

  13. love your blog
    this breaks my heart. will keep this little guy and his family in my prayers.

  14. This just broke my heart...I just read about him now but I will pray for him everyday !

  15. I found your blog through CaptivatedByGrace...and I am so moved by your story. Your family is absolutely beautiful and I can't imagine how hard it must be. You, your family, and Simon are in my thoughts xo Bless his strong heart


  16. New to your blog! I will keep Simon in my prayers.
    (PS. I cannot believe how much this boy looks like my son!)

  17. New to your blog as well! I will keep little Simon in my prayers!


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