Friday, September 23, 2011


You've all heard of bridezilla... but have you heard of crumbzilla? Well, let me introduce you to her. She comes out every other week right after I get my house cleaned. Just to clarify, I do all the normal maintenance of my house, but the deep cleaning I leave to the professionals. haha. I don't know what it is, but I would prefer to work a little side job and pay for someone to clean my house rather than take time out of each day to try to clean maybe one room and then never have my house completely cleaned at once. Does this make sense? It's just that one luxury that means a lot to me! For those of you that do clean your own house and manage to do it along with take care of your kids, cook, work other jobs, be a wife, a friend, etc... you are my hero! Or maybe I'm just lazy. One of the two. Okay, back to crumbzilla. ☺

I have my house cleaned twice a month and the moment I come home to that clean house crumbzilla emerges. I am quite literally a freak about anything getting messed up. It seems so silly, but I just love that fresh clean look of my house and I only get to see it twice a month so I guess I get a little crazy about it. Just yesterday crumbzilla was in rare form, because we got our house cleaned the day before, and I decided to give my kids Ritz and applesauce of all things as an afternoon snack. Well, it's absolutely impossible to eat a Ritz cracker without a crumb and soon enough I'm seeing these tiny crumbs fall to the floor... I immediately went for the dust pan and brush to try to save my perfect floor for just a few more precious hours and as soon as I got back, splat, there went some applesauce. I'm not kidding you, I get anxious for about two days after the house gets cleaned watching anything get messy! I have to literally stop and breathe and remind myself that this is APPLESAUCE we are talking about. No life or death situations here. lol.

Another one of my favorite things is seeing those fresh lines in the carpet of the playroom... oh man it's only for about 10 minutes and then they start fading as the tiny feet run around and I feel this tiny bit of crumbzilla die in that moment. There's just absolutely nothing you can do about it at that point. I know this sounds so incredibly dramatic, but this is just one of those things! lol. I hope someone can relate to me because this is quite embarrassing to admit.

So anyways, last night was the icing on the cake when we were eating chili I made for dinner and my youngest, Sawyer, pushed his bowl of chili over the side of his tray and onto the floor. My husband looked at me and saw the fear in my eyes, as this poor man knows my crumbzilla ways. He went to clean it up and I couldn't even speak as I looked at the floor. All I could think about was that those floors were not even mopped 48 hours before. Oh man, I love typing this all out because it makes me sound so ridiculous! But this is reality people! haha.

The funny thing is that something like the "chili incident" seems to happen every time and it pretty much sends crumbzilla packing. I at that point feel completely defeated in my attempt to keep my house spot free and then I go back to my normal "no big deal" attitude that I have most of the time. I don't know if anyone has any ideas for me on how to tame this crumbzilla inside, but I'd love to hear some.

In a way, it's kind of a reminder twice a month as crumbzilla comes out and I'm battling these feelings inside that we should constantly remind ourselves not to sweat the small stuff. Most of our daily little inconveniences are just that, inconveniences and not something to let get to us as much as we do. So just remember... when life gives you crumbs, feed the birds.


  1. Oh man Heather! I can relate 100%. Tay makes the biggest mess EVERYDAY! She starts off every meal by swiping her hands back and forth on her tray flinging food everywhere!! Soo frustrating! Especially when I step on a banana slice that gets traced on the floor!


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