Monday, September 12, 2011

How A Target Girl Does Vegas

So, back to my post about the mommy wardrobe....well, I mentioned I would explain how my Vegas trip went and how my wardrobe held up in Vegas. I'm now back to tell you all about it. Thank you to my friend that nudged me to get this post done! ☺

Heels for a steal = problem! lol.
Vegas felt incredibly out of my comfort zone, but at the same time incredibly relaxing to only have to worry about myself for a few days. The mommy wardrobe full of the Target pocket shirt v-necks did pose an incredible problem being that most places actually have dress codes. I ended up having to buy a dress from H&M out there and a pair of heels. I saw a Ross and quickly got giddy because this was familiar to me. Can I get an AMEN? LOL. I ran in, got a pair of black heels that went with the new dress and was on my way. Well... since heels are something I wear to weddings and that's about it, I guess I'm now learning that you get what you pay for when it comes to them! These cute heels that I got for a steal, did not even get me through the evening without cracking. Yup. You read it right. Cracked my heel and had to limp to the nearest taxi so that we could get back to our room and re-plan our evening. LOL! We just had to laugh. Laughing got us through most of the weekend. Like when we got a drink at a bar and the tab for 3 Redbull vodkas and a bottle of water came to $65!!! I have never in my life heard of a drink costing this much! And this was not any top shelf I can assure you! The three of us sisters looked at each other and all about had a panic attack. Too embarrassed to tell the bartender that we didn't want them, we swiped the card and angrily had about four $5 sips each.

Okay, back to the wardrobe. I am by no means a photographer and don't even have the best camera so here are some incredibly lame shots I took of a few of my outfits during the weekend. Also, I couldn't even finish this post if I didn't speak about some of my absolute staples for the weekend and those were some pieces by Kaemaloche. A good friend of mine, Jessica Chestnut, is incredibly talented at making and creating jewelry pieces that are one of kind. I absolutely LOVE her stuff. Oh and my other staple is my watch. For some reason I won't spend more than $30 on a purse or $15 on a pair of sunglasses, but when it comes to my watch I absolutely love Michael Kors style. It's my weakness!! Nordstroms please stop sending me your catalogs! EEk!

Outfit 1: Pool and Hotel 
{Dress: Target, Shoes: Reflection, Necklace: Kaemaloche}

Outfit 2: Hotel and Strip Site Seeing
{Skirt: Windsor, Tanks: Target, Shoes: Express, Harness: Kaemaloche}

{Close up of harness. A pic with it on would help!}

Outfit 3: Dinner and Dancing
{Dress: Windsor, Shoes: Marshalls, Necklace: Kaemaloche}

Outfit 4: Dinner, Show & Club
{Dress: H&M, Shoes: Ross, Necklace: Kaemaloche}

My Staple: 

So there you have it. A Target girl did Vegas. It was tough and now I definitely know what items I would need the next time I went, but without spending a fortune, I did survive. Here are my few tips to any other Target mommy that finds herself in Vegas like myself. ☺

The Target Mom's Vegas Survival Guide: 

1. Bring shoes you can actually walk in. Vegas is all about walking around and/or dancing. I've been known to throw off my heels at a wedding or two, but these are not the places you would want to be doing that!

2. Bring a clutch! I have never seen a reason to have a clutch when my only bag I use is filled with diapers, but now I do. This was such a hassle with one of us carrying around a purse or a wallet. Going out you don't want to be toting something heavy and have to worry about setting it down anywhere. A clutch is absolutely mandatory! 

3. You MUST have a dress and heels that you can wear to a club or a nice dinner. Not one that you wore to the last baby shower you attended. H&M will get you by if you are in need.

4. If you aren't trying to get guys buying you drinks anymore, well bring a few bottles of Two Buck Chuck for the hotel room. Who wants to spend $19 a drink going out at night?! EEK! I learned my lesson! Have a glass or two before you hit the taxi!

5. Bring cash. It's amazing how many people you end up tipping and you don't think about it. Taxi.. Hotel Staff.. Bartenders.

6. Don't ever pay full price for a show. Hit up the booths that sell Half Price tickets on the strip the day of. Oh, and check which days particular shows are off stage. I don't suggest seeing a show the last time slot of the last day before the crew is going on break for a couple days. Let's just say I think the crew was ready for their "weekend."

7.  Ask the locals. We found the best places to eat, hang and spend our time by asking the locals. They know the place better than anyone and can tell you exactly where to go for what atmosphere you are looking for.

8. You MUST visit The Sugar Factory! This place had amazing breakfast, awesome service, fantastic decor. I honestly would give it 5 stars and I used to be a waitress/bartender so I'm picky when it comes to restaurants! They serve red velvet pancakes! OMG.

9. Make sure you get a GOOD spray tan. Oh man could I pick out the bad ones! With the heat, there is a lot less clothing going on which means your tan is going to be showing even more. It's kinda hard to hide, so go with a pro. Totally not trying to make a shameless plug, but I suppose I am. haha.

10. Relax and don't have a strict time schedule. Getting ready will always take longer than expected as will getting somewhere. Although the hotels look close they are very deceiving when you are on foot. Go with the flow and laugh at the "thorns" along the way as my sisters and I liked to call them. ♥


  1. I am loving that pool dress from Target. Gorgeous!

  2. Thank you!! That little dress has gotten me through so many occasions! Go Target!! lol! ♥


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