Thursday, September 29, 2011

Share Your Joy

Like I've mentioned, I'm new to this blogging world, but I have found a few blogs so far that I adore. One I stumbled across just recently and today she had a post up titled share your joy. She actually does this every Thursday and this just happens to be the first Thursday I have been a follower.  Funny because today happened to be one of those days I was texting my husband by noon telling him to pray for me because there wasn't too much JOY going on at the Hawthorne house. It had been a morning of time-outs for my three year old, and of course as she threw a tantrum before taking her nap she woke up my 18 month old which then meant no children taking good naps, no time for mommy to get anything done around the house, and cranky kids for the afternoon. One of those days when I find myself counting down the hours for my husband to come "save me." So funny, because it's not like there was any real life or death situations going on, just a day that was off from the start and therefore when I read her post about sharing joy, I could hardly think of something in that moment. Oh don't we all have these days!

So I'm now sitting down and taking a moment before I rush off to work this evening to stop, relax, pray, and think about a few joys I would like to share. It's funny that by just clearing my mind and being still all the joys come to mind easily now... I will keep it to just a few...

My joys today...

My husband coming home from work just a little bit early in order to "save me" and in doing so, bringing me a Starbucks and then taking the kids on a walk. I love him!

My kisses can in fact heal "owies" on the spot. 

My daughter waking up from her very short nap and telling me "Mommy, you are my friend." 

Watching my son run to his daddy as soon as he got home and cling to his legs with all his might. 

Hearing my daughter tell her daddy that she didn't want to go on a "little walk" she wanted to go on a "big girl walk." Nothing can ever be "little" in this house in her eyes. I hope she always dreams big! 

My husband telling me "let's have leftovers tonight." Ahhhh... one less meal I had to worry about this week! If you know me, cooking does not come easy... lol. 

Reading a few blog posts that made me smile. 

This small time to myself before I quickly change and put on my working mommy hat for the evening.  

This picture brings me joy watching Sawyer try to say "cheese."

There... despite my not so fantastic Thursday, I have now shared my joy. I hope you will share yours too. ♥



  1. Your family is super gorgeous! I love your reflections on all that brings you joy. It is so easy to get discouraged as we mother our little ones. Taking the time to focus on the joy changes everything around on those tough days.

  2. You are so beautiful! Taking time to think about all the things that make you happy is so great. We all need to remind ourselves everyday. :) New follower.


  3. love your blog. i too am a facebookless mom!! woo hoo!!!! life is So much better without it. have a great weekend

  4. Found you thru Share Your Joy, and so glad I did! Love your cute blog and cute family! Looking forward to following your adventures! A lot of my joys are with my daughter and the hubs too :) Have a great rest of your week! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aww lovely, I find that those days where things just seems to much that you realise what truly brings you joy in life. I found you through the Share Your Joy link party.

  6. Aww, very cute post. What an adorable family :)

  7. Thank you all for stopping by! I'm so happy you did! I'm new to all this and loving the encouragement and meeting new bloggy friends! xoxo. Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  8. This is such a great idea! You have a beautiful family! I love it when my hubby asks for leftovers too! :)

  9. Your family is adorable! Love this little facebook-less adventure you are on!

  10. Coming over from Casey's. I think all mommas wait for the hubs to arrive. But, we love every minute with our little stinkers, don't we??? I love your blog!!!

  11. I love all your sweet words!! Thank you!

    Liz YES you are so right! I wouldn't trade even the moments with my "stinkers" for anything in the world. ♥

  12. Thank you so much for finding my blog and following it! I am following yours, too! I have enjoyed reading your posts with your perspective and outlook. I have to sit down and do these thankful posts, too, sometimes. I used to keep a Gratitude Journal, where I would write down 5 things every night that I was grateful for, even if it was a bad day. I should still do it, because I am always thankful for at least: my husband, our son, our home, our health and our loving God - can't beat that, even on our worst days! :) Hope you have a great weekend!


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