Thursday, November 3, 2011

9 minutes worth watching.

I'm honored to be guest posting for the lovely Marissa today of Momma Rake!

Marissa and I actually went to high school together and I have her to thank for inspiring me to look into this little blogging world a bit more. Let me explain...

A few months ago she came to me to get a tan, yes, I'm a certified spray tan technician. The next day she emailed me asking me if she could do a review on my little tanning business on her blog.

You can read it here.

I was actually kind of confused. I told her of course! And at the same time I thought, I wonder how many people would actually read that? She told me her blog was getting more traffic and that the post actually got a lot of hits. I still was completely confused by this.

Well, that was when I visited her blog, and saw that she actually had people commenting. Wow! That was new to me. I had been writing my blog since January and had no clue if people were reading it. It was just my way of documenting my journey. I had never read another blog.

I then started clicking around on her page, clicking on some other "followers" and was absolutely blown away by this little blogging community that I never knew existed. These people were inspiring!!

I think it was about a month later that I found out what a "linky" party was, the idea of a button, and the concept of doing guest posts. I was such a rookie and still am. That was only about 8 weeks ago, no joke.

I want to thank Marissa for further introducing me to this lovely little corner of the world.

I truly believe the Lord can use our stories to inspire, encourage, and even convict each other in a good way from time to time. 

I've already experienced this in the short amount of time that I have dug a little deeper into the blogging world.  

And like Marissa mentioned on our blog, we are working together on a little something that has been on our hearts... so stay tuned for that! 

♥     ♥     ♥
 Today I just wanted to share a 9 minute video that I got to watch last night at the high school church group that I volunteer with.

I thought it was a pretty amazing story and instantly felt called to share it on my blog. 


  1. okay that video is so darn cool! I think our churches are VERY similar :-). I am SO glad Marissa asked you to review on her blog and thus join the blogworld. I am just amazed by the support given and friendships made. I am thankful for your friendship too!

  2. What is a linky party :) I'm a new blogger and I love learning about all these things!

  3. Amazing video...just amazing! thanks for sharing. new follower here and i have say i adore your little bloggy. funny...i'm actually giving facebook a break too - its been three weeks...ahhh!

  4. Okay, first of all, I am LOVING your blog!!! You are such an inspiration!!! And thank you SO SO much for the sweet words of encouragement you left on mine!!!!

    I haven't completely closed my Facebook account, but I have gotten far, far away from it. I totally agree that it is a complete time waster!!

    I SO wish you lived closer.....I would be your number 1 client!!! I LOVE LOVE a good spray tan!!!!! ;)

  5. Such a cute blog and family! I'm new here and new to blogging too. Love meeting new friends. XO

  6. loving the video!!! gr8 post!!

  7. I love the I Am Second movement, thank you for sharing this new one with Lacrae!!! I am loving your blog!!!


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