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Guest Post: Stacey on being {Facebookless}

Today I'd like to introduce you to a lovely lady that I have met in this little blogging community that I adore. She caught my eye when I saw a post about recently jumping ship when it came to Facebook. Of course since I've been on this journey, I've been very interested in hearing why others have chosen to become Facebookless.

Today Stacey is going to share her reasons. 

I have a feeling many of you will be able to relate.

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Hello! My name is Stacey, and I blog over at Whatever is Lovely about life, faith, and a little crafting in between. 

Heather asked me to write a guest post about why I too made the decision to go Facebook-less. It's been two weeks now since I deactivated my Facebook account, and it's been... well, sort of refreshing! Let me try to explain.

First I've got to say, it feels a little ridiculous that quitting Facebook is such a big deal at all. But in a world where even my 80 year old grandma would be on Facebook if she only had a computer, the fact is, it IS a big deal. If you don't believe me, go here. There are more than 800 million people actively using Facebook right now! I think it's safe to say that not being on Facebook makes you the vast minority, and frankly, pretty weird.

My reasons for quitting Facebook are pretty personal and not because I think there's something inherently wrong with Facebook. However, I thought I would share some of my thoughts in case there's maybe someone else out there who can relate. Is God maybe prompting you to cut some of the noise out of your life so you can hear Him more clearly? I pray that if He is, you'll listen

Here are a couple reasons why I jumped ship:
1. Time. Facebook is only "the biggest time waster known to man" if you let it be. And, at times, I was letting it be. When I make a conscious effort to spend my time on the things that are truly important instead of Facebook stalking my best friend's cousin's brother's cousin, I'm happier. I'm better for it.

How could I possibly rationalize spending my spare time on Facebook while my Bible sits on my nightstand, unopened? How I spend my time makes a statement about what is important to me. 

2. Contentment. This is a biggie for me, but it might not be that big of a deal to the next person. Here's the thing: I'm in a season of life right now where contentment is difficult. Like, really really have to work hard on it difficult. I got to the point where often times when I was on Facebook, I would catch myself falling into feelings of jealousy, of discontentment, and eventually of anger or disappointment. What an ugly place to be! Blogging and Facebook and Pinterest are great things and a great way to share beauty and inspiration, but there came a point where the noise just became too much.

Our lives are noisy. My life is noisy. Just today, I caught myself juggling my cell phone, iPod, and laptop, all at the same time. I was checking email, texting, and on Instagram all at once. Seriously?! When I'm in the midst of a season of life where I desperately need to hear and rest in the voice and presence of God, is it wise for me to be spending my time listening to all those other influences? No!

You guys, I just want to encourage anyone who might also be overwhelmed with all the noise in their lives - stop. Unplug. Listen to what your heart is telling you! Also, don't think I'm saying that I think Facebook is the devil, because it's not. This is a heart issue for me - Facebook isn't the problem, I'm the problem. Heather got it so right the other day when she posted about her "Aha! Moment"! Even in these past two weeks, I've had to check my motives and make sure I wasn't just replacing one time waster with another, you know?

Will I go back to Facebook some day? Sure, probably. But for now, I'm sort of enjoying being unplugged. 

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-- stacey Whatever is Lovely

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  1. I have got to say I have not had facebook for well over a year and I don't miss it!!!!!
    It's funny though, at the beginning it was a little hard because I had something to fill my time with.
    Facebook became to full of drama for me, it was constantly filled with gossip and I was over it. My husband and I both got rid of Facebook July 2010 and haven't looked back since!
    Honestly, a lot of times for me it's more of an annoyance (not, not to have it but because of the world's OBSESSION with it!) People are more concerned about updating the Facebook world with ridiculousness than updating those closest to them. People share way too much on there, step by step in the delivery room, etc.

    Life is a lot less complicated without Facebook, sure we aren't on the up and up with everyone and everything anymore - but as far as we are concerned, those that know what's going on in our life are the ones that matter! :)

  2. amen! i get you.
    i have been free from the bookface since march.
    L O V E it. xo

  3. hi, i LOVE this. i am now considering cancelling my facebook. or cancelling SOMETHING. i have to agree-- it's just all too much!


  4. I too feel that Facebook causes me to feel discontent. I have considered deleting it many times, but just can never bring myself to do that {how silly is that.} My family lives 2,000 miles away from my husband and I and my mom updates with photos of my younger (8,9 & 11 year old) siblings often. I have instead decided to not do status updates anymore and this has helped a lot because I often have days where I even forget to check Facebook. I prefer the blog world for my internet time, it just seems like I'm actually learning things. I have learned so much about everyday things and feel like I'm one step closer in my faith. Way to go though, I wish I could delete mine too.

  5. I so know what you mean. I hate when the end of a day comes and I feel I gave more attention to FB than my own family. And right when I thought I couldn't handle more I joined Pinterest...

  6. Facebookless since mid September. I love that I don't have it!
    I felt I only had because I was dang nosie, & I felt like I should be involved in things that bring light. You know.
    Great post ladies!

  7. I love her honesty! :) I have been without Facebook for like 3 and a half years!

  8. I enjoyed reading your post and am now a follower! I agree facebook is a big time waster! I am working on limiting myself. Instead of taking it out of my life completely I thought I would practice a little self control :)

  9. Holy cow! I was thinking about doing it, and now after reading this, how can I not unplug?! DOne! Thank you.

  10. This is a great post. I try to keep myself off Facebook for the most part, only checking for boredom or if I'm actually looking for someone or something. Great idea.

    Found you through Follow Fest, check out my blog if you're interested! I'm hosting my first give-away!

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