Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow White and a little scarecrow.

This Halloween was the first time we have taken the kids 

Addyson didn't quite understand why at every house they were calling her Snow White. She knew she was wearing a Snow White dress, {she knows every princess and fairy by heart} but at each house she nicely corrected the person handing her the candy that she was in fact Addyson Hawthorne, not Snow White. It was too cute.

Sawyer was more interested in sprinting from house to house and pointing out every car and adding his most common reaction: "Oh, wow!" Oh and he picked a few dandelions along the way too.

 Every house in the neighborhood had the Charger game playing in the background. It was awesome. Well, kind of. The Chargers were not exactly having a game to remember...especially the loss in OT.

Oh well. At least the evening ended with happy kids, family together, amazing chili and darn cute photos. 

Good enough for me. ♥

 I don't know what it is, but seeing the back of all these little costumes just melts me. So precious.

And when it's too much for the tired little legs, the Bumbleride sure comes in handy!

Nothing better than drawing pumpkins with Grandpa at the end of a fun day.

All I can say is bring on Christmas!!! 

I just love starting new traditions with the kids... teaching them new things...seeing their genuine joy out of the little things in life... 

These are some precious years that I am going to cherish more and more as time goes by.


  1. Looks like a blast! Such cute photos!

  2. omg that is so cute. Your kids looked adorable. My husband and I didn't take the kids out but we made a promise that next year we are going to. Love your blog.

  3. You guys are in such a fun season of your lives...I really look forward to that!

  4. So much fun! The Charger game was on in the background of our house too which made it hard for daddy to help with bedtime :)

  5. Holidays is one of the things I'm most excited about whenever we have kids! Fun times!!!

  6. I love how you captured all the moments that make days like Halloween so fun and special. I love Grandpa drawing pumpkins. Very sweet.

  7. Your kiddos are so adorable! Seriously, just precious!

  8. My goodness, your little kiddos are adorable! I can't wait until next year when my little Evelyn will be old enough to trick or treat. Too much fun!

  9. What CUTE kiddos!! love the costumes!!


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