Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Letter to my little loves..

Dearest Addyson and Sawyer.. 

I never knew how much my heart could be filled with absolute joy and unconditional love. You little loves are my world. I am so incredibly thankful that God has blessed me by allowing me to be the one that each of you call mommy...

Addy... you are turning into such a little lady. You are absolutely girl all the way through. You love playing dress up in your princess dresses and immediately run for the princess shoes and crown. I love how after you get dressed, all by yourself, you run to the mirror in my closet because it's the only full length mirror in our house. You look at your self dressed as a little princess and are in awe. I love how you run to get your step stool as soon as you see me sit down to do make-up. You want to be right next to me. You love when I do your hair each day. You always say, "mommy, let's get ready for the day!" I let you tell me what hair style you want. Usually you tell me two braids. Sometimes princess Belle hair. Sometimes a ponytail. You are up before all of us, and anxiously pulling daddy out of bed before he goes to work so he can get you some "cereal with milk." You absolutely adore your little brother. Sawyer is your best friend. You can't wait until he wakes up, and you always greet him with bubbly "awww... look at Sawyer brother! He's awake!" You guys play very well together. I have to break up the occasional quarral because Sawyer usually always wants to be doing exactly what you are doing. You can be very protective of your ponies, hair clips, buttons, what ever you might be collecting that day and Sawyer has no idea what a bubble is. He is constantly in yours.

Addy, your sweetness is gold. If I ever am not seeming extra happy you stop and say, "Mommy, are you doing ok?" You are always very concerned with if I am happy and if I'm okay. You don't ever want me to be sad. You want to see my smile. Then you know everything is okay. You absolutely love singing. It's one of your favorite things. I still can't convince you to so a forward roll, but you will do a handstand against the wall and attempt a cartwheel. You love going on "nature walks." You always want to walk to Auntie Channy's house. You love that Auntie and Uncle are so close to us. You love your friends. You love going to church. You love telling Sawyer that Jesus is in his heart. I almost cried the first time I heard you in the back seat of the car and casually started talking to Sawyer about Jesus. You asked Sawyer if he knew where Jesus was and Sawyer kind of grunted back at you and then you told Sawyer that Jesus was in his heart. Your favorite song right now to sing is Jesus Loves Me. You love how it talks about Jesus loving all the children. You know all the words to many songs. Even a few Taylor Swift songs because I named a song after you and you know it as the Addy Song. It's called The Best Day.

My Addy... you bring me so much joy. I love watching your little mind work. You are 3 1/2 and you know all your colors, shapes, numbers up to 20, letters, and can even write an A and an H. You love stickers and you love to use scissors, although I don't let you very often because then Sawyer always wants to try too. :) You are a wonderful big sister with a huge heart and lots of love. You absolutely LOVE when daddy gets home. As soon as you hear the key turn in the lock you look at me with the biggest smile and the widest eyes and yell "oooh daddyyyyyy!!" You love when daddy plays "I'm gonna get you." That's your favorite game.

I love you Addyson Marie... you bring our lives so much joy. I can't imagine the last 3 1/2 years without you completely capturing my heart.

Sawyer... oh little love you have melted me since day 1. You were such an easy going baby, much like your sister. Everyone told me the next one would be tough since Addy was so easy, but I'm pretty sure you were even more laid back! As a baby you wanted nothing to do with being swaddled, or put in a swing. You wanted to be moving. Jumping to be exact. As soon as you were big enough we borrowed a stationary jumping activity center and that was your favorite thing in the world. You would literally catch air you would work your little legs so hard. We have videos of you jumping yourself to sleep because you never wanted to stop, even if it was nap time! Eventually your little legs weren't so little and you didn't fit in the jumper anymore. You were too tall. You began crawling at 8 months and walking by 10. I couldn't believe it. You are now 19 months old and although you already broke my heart by breaking your little leg at 16 months, you are now back to your old self, as strong as ever. 

You love doing anything your sister is doing. You love puzzles and can put together a 12 piece puzzle made for 3+ in under a minute. You love sitting and doing things over and over until you master them. Puzzles, block stacking, anything like it. Right now you are in a major book phase. I sit on the floor of the playroom and you run and get a book and sit in my lap and we read it at your pace, which is usually very quick. You stop on pages asking, "what's that?" a million times. Then you put the book down, run to get another one and we do this probably for about 10 books at a time. I love this little time we share together.

Sawyer, you also love going on nature walks. But instead of pointing out much of the nature, you run up to every car or truck in every driveway and point to it and exclaim "car!" or "truck!" as if it was the first one you have ever laid eyes on. On Mondays the trash man comes and as soon as you hear him turn on our street you stop whatever you are doing, and run to me and say "up" because you want me to lift you up so you can watch the truck out the window of the upstairs playroom. You always get so mad when the truck leaves and I put you back down. I always have to explain to you that the truck went bye bye. You never like it. But your little fits are very short lived. Usually a puzzle or book will immediately snap you out of it. Or a snack. :)

 My little Sawyer, like your sister, you also have a huge heart. You run to your daddy when he gets home and cling to his leg. If I have been gone for even an hour and come home, you do the same to me. I love those moments. You run to give me a hug if daddy was the one that got you out of bed. You always try to help me by bringing me things you know are mine. If my phone is in my room you always run it over to me. Yesterday you saw my cup of coffee sitting in the playroom as I was on the floor with Addy and you went over and got it and tried to bring it to me. You spilled almost the entire contents onto my pants, sweatshirt and the carpet floor. I took a breathe and said, "thank you Sawyer." As I looked at the huge mess I was about to clean up, I couldn't be mad at all. You were only trying to be helpful. I loved that moment. No crying over spilled coffee in this house! {don't worry the coffee was cold. lol}

Sawyer and Addyson.. thank you for blessing me with your amazing little spirits. I love you both with every bit of my heart. Daddy does too. I look forward to every bit of the future together.

I'll never forget the first day I became mommy... this grainy camera phone pic will always be one of the most amazing memories for me...

Addyson 0 days old.



  1. So sweet. They will love this so much when they are old enough to read it.

    I hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Okay your kids are SO cute! I can't get over it! Your newest follower, love your blog!


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