Friday, November 18, 2011

Instagram Friday. {Still sans computer}

Well still no computer in my little corner of the world. The bummer was that I got a new phone Monday and when I got home to sync it the computer went down AGAIN!

So I've been computer-less and also without any phone numbers. Lol! Life is really getting simple over here! At least I got to mess around with a new phone all week. Totally impressed at the picture quality during the daylight. Wow!

Here are a few instagram pics from the week. That's about all I can manage posting from a mobile blogger. :))

Love you all!! Miss you once again!!

Hope to be BACK IN ACTION next week!! Eek!!! Xoxoxo


  1. you make a sexy fire fighter!! And OMG Addy's eyes are gorgeous!! So blue!

  2. Very nice blog! You look gorgeous! And by the way, I have a facebook profile, but got so tired of the superficial statuses there... that I don't use it anymore and when I tell friends about my reasons, they look at me thinking I am "stupid"... I don't care! I feel much better without it!
    Well done!

  3. Just popped over from the link up for the first are too cute! I love the idea of no facebook. That was a brave move. It would be a tough break-up for me! Nice to meet you!

  4. prettiest firefighter I've ever seen! I love the pictures of Sawyer and Addy playing in the leaves!!

  5. Your family is super cute. I fell across your blog via bloglovin because of the name. I recently quit facebook and it has been relieving completely.

  6. Your kids are adorable!!!
    and woohoo for you quitting facebook! If I wasn't a military brat and spouse I would quit but thats how I keep in touch with everyone all over the world!


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