Thursday, November 10, 2011

flashback. married in 3 months.

John and I had a 3 1/2 month engagement. 

Most of my friends, and initially my family, thought I was completely insane. Whether they actually spoke those words to me or not, I know they were thinking it. I'm pretty sure when I announced our wedding date the thought that I was probably pregnant went through more than a few people's minds.  

Who gets married in 3 1/2 months?!

Well, we did. We got engaged October 30th, 2006. One of John's very good friends was heading out to Iraq in March and we knew we could either get married while he was gone, when he got back, or what the heck, plan this thing and do it before he goes so that he could be there to witness this special occasion. 

We got married February 17, 2007.

Looking back, of course there are lots of things that I would change about my wedding in little ways... like table decor, a more professional wedding photographer, among other little things, but overall I love our story because it's ours.

The little Hollister obsessed girl fell in love with the boy she met, the first time, at Abercrombie & Fitch.
{I'll share how we met two different times in another post} 
We were two kids absolutely head-over-heels in love and we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We had already been through a lot in the short amount of time that we had known each other and knew that God placed us in each other's lives for a reason. 

The crazy thing is that although I was totally in love with my boyfriend then, the love I have for my husband today, almost 5 years later, is completely different.  

I love him with a much deeper respect and cherish him for so many more reasons.  

We may not always be the same kids frolicking on the beach like we were in our engagement photos, but that doesn't mean we love each other any less. 

I can honestly say that I love him more today than I knew was possible on that beautiful day in February almost 5 years ago.

I love looking back at these photos and seeing how our love has grown...

I thank the Lord for bringing me the man he did for me. 

I can't imagine my life any other way. 


  1. this is gorgeous! ive only been married a year and a half now... but i can already say i do love and appreciate my husband more and anticipate our love to grow! i love reading about positive, healthy marriages like yours!

  2. Such sweet pictures, and you look so young too! :)

  3. Your engagement pics are gorgeous!!! So we were the exact opposite... We were TOGETHER for over 5 years and engaged over a year before we got married! People gave us grief for waiting so long... You gotta do what works for you I say!

  4. Beautiful engagement pictures!! What a sweet post. :)

  5. Love this... I understand. My husband and I dated for a year then got engaged and married 6 weeks later. :) love the pictures. we didn't have time for those ;) hope you're having a great day.

  6. I LOVE this post Heather and can't wait for you to write more about your love story. God plays a huge part in bringing us to our soul mates and when you've found each other, who says you have to wait a year to get married?! Jon and I were engaged 6 months and I felt like that dragged on forever. You and your hubby are one of the most BEAUTIFUL couples, inside and out. More more more!

  7. Thanks for sharing part of your love story with us. Like several others have said, I'm looking forward to reading more. You two are such cuties!! :)

  8. I want to hear more about this beautiful love story! :) You and your husband are so sweet and these pictures are gorgeous! I cannot wait to know my boyfriend with this greater love. Even though we have been together for over four years, I cannot wait to be his wife and love him him in a whole new way. :)

  9. Your not crazy=), It doesnt take a long time to realize you love the one your with, I dated my hubby for quite sometime but we lived long distance, and only saw eachother 4 times before marriage=)Lol...& im happily married beyond belief=)
    Have a great day doll.
    Xoxo Mrs.S-

  10. I don't think it's crazy to have a short engagement. I LOVE it! We got engaged two months before you, and married less than a month after you. Love the pics! :)


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