Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY Toddler Scarecrow Costume

I decided to give it a shot... My very first DIY toddler costume!!!

For those that know me in "real life," know this is a HUGE step for me.

I'm usually really good at paying people to make things rather than even attempting to try them myself.

I'm telling ya, something has gotten into me! You amazingly talented bloggers are rubbing off!!! I decided, what the heck, I'll give it a shot and how bad can it be. I was so thrilled with how it came out that I think I sent the Instagram images below to everyone in my family including a few friends. I think they were all just as shocked to see me being crafty.

We went to a Harvest Festival at a local church today and I was able to try out the costume on my little man. The costume was an absolute hit. People were stopping and staring at his cuteness! And best of all, I didn't see ONE other scarecrow there! Now, trying to take pics of a 19 month old boy at a festival is nearly impossible. I got a few and hope to get more tomorrow when we are out trick-or-treating. It will be our first time taking the kids around our neighborhood!

As for the DIY scarecrow costume... well, I was concentrating too hard to even think about taking pics of the steps, but here are all the "ingredients" that I used. 



Since we are out in San Diego, I thought the surfer style trucker hat made the perfect accessory. Sawyer won't ever wear hats, but he actually kept it on most of the evening. I was stoked. 

Oh and FYI, I have never cut Addyson's or Sawyer's hair. I thought the "wings" of hair on the sides made him look more in costume. LOL. 

A few pics of my little man modeling the costume. 
{More of Snow White and her rainbow tiara tomorrow}

Looking at my little loves in their costumes today made me kind of sad... I couldn't believe how big my boy was... 

This was him 1 year ago... 

My little sock monkey is growing up too fast!

And my little bunny has now turned into a princess.. 

Oh let the tears begin!! 

 Wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. Hi! THanks for stopping by my blog. The kids did OK in the car, but we let them play their video games since we had a 2.5 hr drive. We're not as close to Julian as you. It's the end of the apple season, but it's still pretty even though you won't be able to pick your own apples. The Julian Mining Co. was fun for the kids. Oh, and your scarecrow costume is pretty impressive - from another mom who usually pays someone else to make it :) And it's timely that I found you as I've been debating all weekend on quitting FB for the exact reason you mentioned.

  2. I just commented on your other post and then saw this one! Your blog is so fun to read! I am SO NOT CRAFTY and I am in awe of how creative other bloggers are...and now you are one too! This looks amazing! Mad props girl :)

  3. How cute is that!!!

  4. way 2 go mama!! and that sock monkey costume last year...I am dying! I love it :-)

  5. You did a fantastic job! :) They both looked adorable!

  6. So cute!!! I can hardly sew on a button so I am all about easy no-sew costumes. Adorable kiddos!

  7. oh my!!You deff get two thumbs up!! the costume is amazing.. and the little angel wearing it lol soo precious!


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