Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giveaway! {auto repair} and we were on T.V!

I want to extend this giveaway that my husband and I are doing here in San Diego at our family owned and operated auto repair shop. 

Hawthorne Tire & Auto Service is our place and we are doing a giveaway this Thanksgiving, and guess what, it's on Facebook. LOL. 

We love reflecting this time of year and because we are so thankful for all our amazing customers and friends, we are giving away $500 worth of services to one family in need. 

Basically, you nominate the family, email us a picture and a blurb about them to:

Starting on Nov. 1st my hubby will be posting all these stories/photos on the Hawthorne Tire & Auto Service Facebook page and then votes {by commenting} will determine the winner. 

Voting ends Nov. 22 at midnight and the winner will be announced on Thanksgiving. 

Please feel free to tweet about this, post it on Facebook, or even send in a nominee if you know someone in the area that could really benefit from this giveaway. 

Our shop specializes in tires, brakes, alignments, suspension, shocks, A.C. you name it.

And just a random fact for ya, our shop was featured on  
The Style Network in 2009
The show was called "Peter Perfect."
It was a small business make-over show. They made over our entire waiting room, logo, and even made over our employees! Yes, me and hubby as well! It was such an amazing experience.
We have been forever thankful.

On set at the shop.

Getting my mic set up!

Before our make-overs! Hubby and me!

After our make-over!! Addyson was 5 months old!

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  1. what an AWESOME giveaway!! and so cool about the tv show. i didn't know you were famous! :)


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