Friday, October 7, 2011

The World's Lamest DIY Headband by Moi

Okay, so like I've mentioned before, DIY projects intimidate me. Probably more than they should. lol. I'm not sure what the deal is. I think I just have never thought of myself as a crafty person. I've always been the type that would rather scrapbook digitally or help with marketing an item rather than create it. I think that's why my mommy hobby was ONE skill that I got really good at... using a gun {spray tanning gun that is!} and I didn't have to have too much creativity to be successful. That's just my brain I suppose!

I will not keep my blog without DIY projects or recipes all together though... that's the fun of having some talented friends do guest posts now and again! Marketing all the amazing things YOU all do is right up my ally!! And please, email me if you are interested. I'd love to have you.

Anyways, back to this incredibly lame DIY that I have done lately. And yes, I'm totally making fun of myself for even doing a post for this, but this is ME getting CRAFTY! I must document it! 

I have been totally inspired by seeing all the adorable headbands out there and fell in love with the style of headband that goes around your head, not on top. I have never been able to successfully pull off a good looking headband on top of my head. Maybe I have an odd shaped head? I really have no idea! lol. But this whole idea of going around the head, I LOVE. And my 3 year old has been sporting this look for years, absolutely REFUSING to wear headbands on top of her head, only around her head, so maybe she just knew this style before it was trendy. Go Addy! Oh, and my husband loves this look too!! WIN all the way around the Hawthorne house! ♥

Okay, so for this fabulous DIY headband you need two items and you can find them both at my favorite store H&M. 

1. a braided headband {great deals on the clearance rack!}

2. a flower clip {there are about a million amazing colors that you have to limit yourself to one or two each time you go!}

Okay so this is really tricky, so watch carefully.... LOL.

Lovely braided headband and flower clip from H&M!

I bet you have NO idea what I'm going to do with this clip huh?

TA DA!!! As Addy would say!

And you can swap colors!!

And even swap flower sizes!!

Or even swap headband colors!!

Okay, I'm done. Lol.
And sporting the World's Lamest DIY headband!

Sawyer doesn't care too much about my headband...

There you have it folks.

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  1. I think your headband is adorable and so is your blog! I'm in SD too :)
    Laurie @ Gallamore West
    p.s. I'm your newest follower!

  2. Aww thanks so much! Where is SD are you!?

  3. noway, these are super cute! I'd sport one!

  4. aww so cute! I'm a new follower! Love that headband, and you make it look cute! :)
    your blog name "a mom without facebook" =hilarious! Love it!

  5. I lovelovelove your headband!! Definitely gonna have to make myself one! :)

  6. I think it's super cute!

    Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

  7. Wow - I think it looks very good! saw you on linky party, I am now gfc following, Karima


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