Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten things Sawyer {19 mos.} is thankful for.

I did a post with the 10 things Addyson is thankful for a few weeks ago. 
If you missed it, you can check her list out here.

Now it's Sawyer's turn!

At 19 months old {tomorrow!!} he can't tell me everything that he is thankful for quite yet, but these are the things that make that little smile on his face light up every day!

Okay and Mommy & Daddy are a given for this one... so besides us, here goes!

1. Big sister by far takes the number 1 spot.

2. His toothbrush. He seriously LOVES brushing his teeth!

3. A sippy cup of milk. Warm please.

4. PUZZLES. He does a whole puzzle like this by himself. Loves them.

5. Rock star binky, but he ONLY likes it at bedtime.

6. Doggy & Froggy

7. Water bottles with the cap off. A favorite game.

8. Doggy blanky

9. Cars. REAL ones. {and a shameless plug for our auto shop! lol}

10. Hugs. His sweet, random hugs just melt me...

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  1. LOL warm milk? I don't think I could get my daughter to drink milk warm. Funny how different kids' likes are.

    And #4 has inspired me. I would think puzzles are to hard, but I am going to get some now. They have them at Dollar Tree if you're ever in need of more for a special (cheap) treat!


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