Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Fall Day in San Diego

Yesterday we actually had a bit rain in the morning and that makes most of us San Diegan's thrilled for a little change in the weather. The rain was very short lived and so in the afternoon we went on a "nature walk" as my daughter likes to call it. A simple walk to the nearest park and I just love how much joy it brings them. They honestly have more fun on the walk then they do at the park! I decided to bring the camera this time. ☺

Also, check out Addyson's ADORABLE headband from the lovely Momma Rake! I'm so excited that we will be using some of her goodies for our upcoming family shoot this weekend! So actual professional photos to come. If you haven't checked out Momma Rake, she is someone I actually know personally here in San Diego. We went to high school together! Anyways, she is awesome... you can check her out here! ♥


  1. hey headband is adorable!! Sawyer is so big!!

  2. Your daughters eyes are amazing and your son has the best expressions in the pictures.

    Stopping by from Follow me Wednesday to say hello and noticed you have a dog. If you are interested we would love to have you join us for our Regressive Holiday Dinner Event here is the information.


  3. Hey there! Stopping by thanks to momma rake! Your little ones are so adorable! I hate to admit that I used to spend way too much time on facebook getting nothing done. Thanks to starting my blog I am not only using it to connect with other mommy bloggers and network. Congrats on focusing on things that will strengthen both you and your family

  4. I'm a new follower from Miss Mommy's blog hop! Your kids are so adorable! ~ I look forward to following your blog. Come visit my blog sometime.
    ~Lisa @

  5. Wow Heather, hi!! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous!! I love these pictures :) You guys look like a really beautiful family, great pic in your header too!
    Congrats on the facebook thing, I have been thinking for some time now to close it down or at least minimise it to close friends only. I really regret all the time I've wasted on it :(
    I'm looking forward to reading more from your adorable blog...I found you through My Songbook.
    Have a happy day!!

  6. Your daughter and her headband are adorable! I will have to check out the website!
    (also, a mom without facebook)!


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