Monday, October 10, 2011

A little confession of mine...

I want to be pregnant again.

No, we aren't trying yet.

We want it to be God's timing.. not our timing.

This time we would not find out if we were having a boy or a girl... It would stay a surprise.

We already have our names picked out.

Kennedy Rose or Hudson David.


I'm scared that my pregnancy might be rough like the last two.

I'm nervous that my babies will be jealous of sharing me and daddy with another little one.

I'm nervous that I already have been blessed with babies in wonderful health and I worry if I would get so lucky again. I've seen a lot of heartache around me with babies lately and it scares me.

My commitments would have to change again.

Finances would be that much tighter now, and over the years.


I absolutely thank the Lord for the blessings I already have and if it is not in His will for another little addition, we will be okay with that.

But for whatever reason... my hubby and I both dream of having another one... not too far away...

We have a lot of love to give. ♥

Happy Monday! 


  1. Aww.. I love your blog!! and this post! The hubby & I are trying at the and I have those same kinds of fears. I have a little one from my first marriage and I'm so worried about bringing another one into our little family but at the same time soooo very excited. I just hope everything works alright and that we can even conceive. Crossing my fingers! YOU are freaking beautiful and I'm so glad you linked up!! can't wait for more posts!!!

    Pieces of Luv

  2. You are such a cute prego!! I love kids. I am always thinking about when we will have our number two. But it really is scary to think of all that goes into it! The money, the time, the energy. But it is all worth it when your kiddo smiles or laughs and your heart melts.

  3. How cute are you?! God will let you know when. I think your heart is in such a beautiful place.

  4. heather...we have 3 kiddos now too and me & my hubs go back & forth as well about #4. We really would like another yet finances_pregnancy all get me a little scared. We have been praying about it...Also my initials are HH for Heather Holden. :)

  5. i want another too!! if i can just talke my husband in to it.

  6. As you know I'm right there with ya Heather! So excited to have a 3rd!

  7. You look too adorable when prego!!These pictures are amazing!!

  8. beautiful post!! you are such an amazing woman. LOVE LOVE LOVE your maternity pics! i wish i looked as good as you!! :))))


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