Friday, October 28, 2011

FOLLOWER FEST {this is me}

Welcome. I'm blessed to have you.

I'm Heather, a mom without Facebook. 

I love Jesus.

I'm a wife to my biggest fan and my best friend.

I'm a mother to Addyson {3} and Sawyer {19 mos.}

Part of my heart is in another state where my step-son, Haden, resides.

I was a sports writer...

Turned mommy... 

 Who supports my husband at our family owned auto repair shop. 

We deal with lots of these...

After becoming a mommy, my writing went on hold and I began a mommy hobby, that quickly turned into my own small business.

I'm a certified spray tanning technician that does home and mobile spray tanning specializing in brides all over San Diego county. 

It allows me to stay home with my kids and only work a few nights a week. I love it.

I started blogging in January of 2011 when I felt the Lord tell me to put an end to the biggest time waster in my life... Facebook.  

I felt called to share my journey through a blog, although I had never even read a blog or knew anything about the blogging community.

I listened, and took down my personal Facebook page and pledged that I would not get back on for 365 days. 

I've learned... A LOT. 

Most importantly, I've learned that this journey is not about Facebook at all... it was about me learning to face my real issue of lack of self control... 

It took me 284 days to realize this. 

You can read about my Facebook "aha! moment" here.

I finally feel free from the burden of lack of self control. 

Now THAT is something to like.

I don't know where the Lord is going to take me in regards to this little blog. 

But writing has always been a desire of my heart.

I truly believe that each of us have a story and the Lord can use OUR stories to encourage, inspire, and even convict each other from time to time in a good way

So this is mine and I thank you for following. ♥

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

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  1. I loved this post!!!! What an awesome testimony! I can't believe you did it!!! I'm starting to get tired of FB but it's such a huge way to stay in contact with our family back in the states. (we're currently stationed in England) I can't wait to read more!!! :)

  2. found you from followers fest : ) I am your newest follower. Stop over and follow me too if you like!


  3. I have just LOVED reading this! So glad to meet you, I am your newest follower from the fest!

  4. Your kiddos are so precious!!

    New Follower from Follow Fest.

  5. love this!!! you are such an encouragement to me! have a lovely day.
    ps your family is beautiful!

  6. girl this post is amazing!! First of all I am still in love with your family photos...that last one of Addyson up close...WOW! Her eyes! And shes got great hair! And now that I know you are an at home spray tanner, I can stop wondering what your "guns" in your tweets were last night haha!! And I applaud you for giving up FB for a whole year...I love that. :-) xoxo

  7. loved learning more about you...and all the pictures are perfect.

  8. I love this post and your open attitude about your faith. You are inspiring and your family is beautiful! I'm a new follower from the followers fest and I'm excited to stick around and read more.

  9. WOW! Go you! I am impressed by your faithfulness to staying off Facebook. I did it for a week one time... haha, I thought that was something! Going to follow your blog now and hopefully see what else the Lord teaches you through this journey!

  10. I found you on followers fest with your adorable daughter on your thumbnail! :) My husband and I are expecting our first little one in about one for month and we are sooo excited and can't wait to take super cute family photos like these! lol
    Your pledge to stay off facebook is quite amazing though! I can't seen to stay off for more than 1 day!

    I look forward to reading some more of your posts!


  11. Found you on Follower's Fest. I LOVE the idea of not being on FB. I talk about getting off of it all the time... and then don't. Can't wait to go back and read your "aha" moment. New follower here!

  12. That is awesome commitment, and your family is beautiful! God definitely teaches us things in ways we never expect.

    New follower through the fest!

    -Nykki at Another Day in Paradise

  13. Girl I love this post=)).
    you seem like a great wife & mother..=))
    Your a beautiful lady..
    Im a new follower, check out my blog in return.Xoxo

  14. I also closed my Facebook=))
    & its the best decision Ive ever made!

  15. Already following girlie! But saw you were on Followers Fest too and thought I'd stop by and say hello! LOVE the pics of your family!!!

  16. Hey, stopping by from the follower's fest. Love to poke around your blog a bit. Please check mine out too. I too have dropped off of the FB radar!! Good for you!!

  17. GORGEOUS Family! You are pure inspiration!

  18. Geeze can I look as gorgeous as you do after two kiddos?! New follower from the hop.. had to stop by and say ello :)

  19. This is so awesome! I would love if you would share this at the Crazy Cute party happening right now! I've got an awesome giveaway this week, too! :D

  20. You have an adorable family :) Every time I read your blog I am more and more inspired to get rid of my FB. One day...

  21. New follower from FF! You have such a beautiful family! & I love the Facebook part. I spend so much of my day on Facebook and I am just now starting to realize it. I have been juggling the idea of deleting mine as well. I have realized how mnay other things I COULD be doing when I am on Facebook, and it truly is a huge source of negativity in our lives! The only thing stopping me from actually deleting it is how far away we are from home. With my husband being in the military it is a great source of communication for us on deployments, as well as to our family on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish decisions weren't so complicated! Love your blog ! Can't wait to read more!

  22. I don't think your family can be any cuter because there is no other degree of cuteness. I also believe that our life can accomplish a greater purpose when we share our stories. I found you through the blog hop and Following. Can't wait. I got a chance to go through some of your posts..LOVE IT!

  23. I'm a new follower from the blog hop and im sure i'll be stopping alot more! Come follow my blog if you'd like!


  24. Love your blog! So interesting! Your photos are gorgeous of your family!!!!

  25. Thank you all for your sweet comments!! Each and every one of you have made me smile today! I'll be checking out all your blogs when I get these babies to bed! :)


    {A Mom Without Facebook}

  26. I don't think my comment from earlier this afternoon came through, so I will try again! Found you through Casey & I am now following. Love everything about this post & I can SO relate. Thank you for being so honest & transparent! Looking forward to reading more...your kids are adorable!

  27. I recently got rid of my facebook too! sooo freeing!!!

    Stopping by from FFF :)

    I'm a new follower...come visit me sometime if you'de like!

    I really look forward to reading more!

  28. wow your story tugged on my heart strings. So glad for the FFF and coming across your blog. I'm now a new follower of yours. Hope you can stop on by mine as well
    You and your fam are BEEEA-UT-IFUL!

  29. I love finding a good new read!! Your family is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to reading more here :)

  30. Love this post!!! I could never give up Facebook completely because I have a page for my blog, and I've worked hard to build up that page, but several weeks ago I decided it was time to take a break from my personal page and from the one FB game that I played. It's such a great feeling to free yourself from time wasters like that! I look forward to keeping up with you and seeing how you're spending your Facebookless time. :)

  31. I have a blog, too but no Facebook. I have never had one and don't like the idea of it. I know so many people who put their whole life on there and it's crazy. I enjoy blogging. Hope you can stop by my blog.
    You have a lovely family. Your little girl is precious.

  32. love your story! i'm a new follower and glad to be reading more about your beautiful family and life. blessings, friend!

  33. You have a beautiful family!

    I love this- I have often deactivated my facebook account, but have come back solely because that is the only way I have to contact and get updates with people. I totally agree though, it's a huge time waster.


  34. You have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!!! What a wonderful idea to do away with facebook too, I spend way too much time on it for sure.

  35. New follower from follow fest! I love your blog! Your family is precious and cant wait to read more.

    Come stop by my blog :)

  36. Loved your story! You have a beautiful family. I wont be giving up facebook anytime soon but it sounds like it was the right decision for you and your family. I would be delighted to have you stop by and link this up to my VIP party this weekend! Have a safe and happy halloween!

  37. We luv family blogs over @ Yo Michael Michael! Found you through October Followers Fest. Please follow back Happy Halloween :)


  38. This is an amazing post! I look forward to reading about your aha moment regarding fb. I haven't had the nerve to delete mine yet. Found you from Follower's fest- new follower. Come by and visit if you want, no pressure :-)

  39. Oh my word, you guys are tooooo stinking cute!!! Stopping by from the blog hop and I loved my first visit...can't wait to read more!! HUGS!

  40. just found your blog on momma rake... love it! you have a gorgeous family! i am now following and looking forward to reading more :) have a great day!

  41. Just found your blog through Miss Mommy's Blog Hop! Nice to meet you!! And I LOVE your blog and story!! ;)

  42. new follower :) you are brave for giving up fb, I have tried, but cave within an hour...sigh...


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