Sunday, October 9, 2011

My 10-year Reunion

Last night was my 10-year high school reunion. All day I felt edgy. We had a mini family photo session in the morning and I was excited about that, and then I knew I had to run to the mall and try to find something to wear to this reunion. The hard part was, it was "casual cocktail attire" and it was at a "brewery." I don't even know what "casual cocktail attire" means. If you haven't read, the mommy wardrobe, or how a Target girl does Vegas, well they might be worth the read so you can get an idea of where I stand when it comes to fashion. lol.

Anyways, I ran to the mall and was totally NOT in the shopping mood. I was so bummed. My husband had taken the kids home to nap, and here I was alone in the mall for the first time in who knows how long, and I had absolutely zero desire to even try to put an outfit together. And yes, I had definitely procrastinated. I am great about getting things done for the kids, but when it comes to myself, I'm always trying to get things done last minute whether it be getting in for an eyebrow appt. {which will be another post all together. lol} or getting an outfit for some occasion. So, I ended up telling my husband that I was going to just wear the dress I wore to the photo shoot in the morning and get a new pair of boots. I had no idea if this dress was "casual cocktail attire" but, I just couldn't shop! Has anyone else had one of those days?! So this is the dress. Notice the Ugg boots that I completely ruined by not water proofing the day I got them! Running in the grass to chase your kids during the morning dew and now they are toast. Now I really wanna say "UGggghhh...." Thankfully I can get away with buying the kids size Ugg boots so I save like $50. :) Okay, seriously, back to this post! I just had my morning coffee in case you can't tell. ha.

So, I ended up running into a shoe store and the first pair of boots I tried on seriously felt like they were made for me. I have trouble with my short legs and boots. Sometimes they go up to my knee caps, or they are too wide, just not the perfect fit most of the time. So the wonderful lady helped me find a color to compliment this outfit and off I went already over the whole idea of what I was wearing to the reunion. 

Oh, 10-year reunion... I think Facebook has completely destroyed you.

I think my edginess all day came from anxiety on this whole reunion thing. I mean, didn't we all already know what everyone was up to thanks to Facebook? I've been off since January, but I still knew for the most part who was married, had kids, and even what part of the country they were living in. I just kept thinking to myself on the way... how exactly do you recap 10 years and tell it to dozens of people over and over? Wouldn't that be awkward? Isn't everyone just going to be looking at each other to see how much they have changed since then? Have they put on weight, lost weight?  It just felt like I was going to be walking into the biggest pool for judgement. As I was telling my husband about this on the way down, he told me, I'm sure EVERYONE is feeling the same way you are right now. I think it was so true.

So we arrived and out of a graduating class of 420 and I'd say about 75 people were there {including some spouses and dates}. I think they said 90 tickets sold, but I highly doubt there were 90 people there. 

My hubby was a good sport and came with me. We told the story of how we met to about half of the people there. We would just alternate who told it the next time. lol! I'm not even sure if I have blogged about how we met! Hmm... soon. :)

I actually instantly saw some faces that shocked me that they were there! I knew how far they lived and I was stoked to see them. My mood immediately changed. Memories came back. Some of these were people that I spent four years of my life with, and had really good times with. I remember the days before having smart phones in high school... writing notes to each other and folding them up in fun ways. I actually was one of those strange people that loved high school. Yes, it had it's drama, but I really loved it. I guess if I had to pick a stereotype for myself, I was the cheerleader, but also the athlete. My studies always came first. I took French, and was good at math although I didn't enjoy it.  I was on the competitive cheer team, the gymnastics team, and even did pole vaulting. It was mostly all good times and it's crazy how many of these memories come back when you see these familiar faces in person! It really is different than Facebook. Some people have changed and some people haven't. It was funny watching the same clicks kinda start to form as the night went on, but isn't that to be expected? I wanted to hang out with the people that I spent the most time in high school with as well. These were the people I could talk to and reminisce with.

We ended up leaving around 11 pm and honestly I could have stayed and chatted longer. There were some people that if they didn't live so far away I would have busted out my iPhone calendar and set up a coffee date with. 

I would now tell anyone that is having second thoughts about going to their reunion to go. Facebook, yes, has destroyed a lot of the surprise in a reunion, but there truly is a difference in seeing someone in person, hearing that familiar voice and giving them a hug after so many years.  Oh, and I actually got tons of compliments on my ensemble. All that anxiety for nothing. Don't we all do that from time to time though? ♥

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