Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poem: Advice To A Daughter


One of the things you really should know
Is when to say yes, and when to say no
There aren't any textbooks, there aren't many rules
The subject's neglected in most public schools

You can't be consistent, there's often a reason
For changing your mind with each change in the season
You might be quite right in accepting at seven
Suggestions you'd better refuse at eleven

Perhaps you'll consider the following hints: the bashful young man at the dance the man who's been living in France a walk in the park in the rain
Yes..if he asks for a chance to explain all stretch pants unless you're quite thin the impulse to telephone him a baby. a bore
No..if you're asked if you've heard it before a Saturday a Monday a salad a sundae a stranger, but use great discretion three cocktails in rapid succession

No..if he's misunderstood by his wife
Yes..if he wants you the rest of his life

Remember, my darling, careers and caresses
Depend on your choices of "no's" and your "yes'es"


I thought this poem was darling the first time I heard it. It's crazy to think in no time at all we are all going to be loving on little adults rather than crazy toddlers.

Until then, maybe consider one of these lovely gifts for daddy this Christmas? ♥

My love and Sawyer a few months old.

Too funny.

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  1. I LOVE that poem! I'd never heard it before. :)

  2. (found ya on a linky party) What are cute poem! Love this idea :)

  3. like the poem and the shirt your hubby is wearing is classic!! too funny!


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