Friday, October 14, 2011

So much better than Facebook.

My dear Sawyer boy is asleep and Addyson is on a "daddy date." 

She was so excited to go out with daddy tonight, she even wore her Rapunzel dress and princess crown. Although she was only going to the neighbor's house for a little birthday party, you would have thought she was going to meet her favorite princess or share waffles with Tinkerbell. She hugged my legs and I kissed her head and they left.

I absolutely love her excitement for life. 

I'm now alone and the house is quiet. I didn't intend to, but I got lost in blogland for a while tonight. I honestly have stumbled across so many random pages and I have been incredibly humbled, inspired, amazed. 

I have tears running down my cheeks after reading stories of families that lost their precious babies. My heart literally ached with them. I prayed for them. I thanked the Lord for my babies' health.

I have had smiles across my face looking at amazing things some of you have made. I have actually thought to myself, "I might be able to make that..." 
{that doesn't happen often}

I see people just like myself. Blogging because they love life, they want to share some of the life lessons they have learned with hopes to be used by God to touch someone else somewhere. Even in just a tiny way.

I had no idea this world existed even a few months ago. 

I started this blog in January and never blog hopped until these last few weeks. 

I am so glad I did. You people are amazing.

I can't wait to meet you...

This is SO much better than Facebook. ♥


  1. I just decided to cut back on Facebook and joined the blog world as well : ) I am so excited by all the inspiration it has given me. My and I got married last month and I felt like it was time to ditch Facebook. I came across your blog by blog hopping and you have a beautiful family : ) Happy blogging!

  2. wow what a fantastic post, it is also very humbling for me to find like-minded people who are grateful for life and want to share their life and stories. and yes I love blogging more than facebook too :)

    have a great day :)

  3. I love finding people who want to share their excitement for life, too! The blog world is definitely the place to do it. :)

    Amazing that we can find friends just from their written word.

    I love blogging better than Facebook, too!

  4. Well said sister! I feel the same way. It's pretty amazing.

  5. I have become so inspired and filled with so much joy from the blogs I read too. Enjoy your quite alone time!!

  6. Love this post and the truth to it! I feel exactly the same way!!!


  7. That's a great shot of your daughter :)
    Yes, blogland is my favorite place in cyber space :)
    Have a great week!

  8. Sweet pic. Gotta love a princess costume!
    Totally agree with your post. I am a mom without fb.

  9. I love blogging & FB. I love the inspiration and creativity of blogging but the people in my life are still important and keeping in touch is a blessing. I'm glad for both!


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